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Karmita Kaur MMS Leak Controversy: Recently, a private video of couple Sahaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, famous as Kulhad Pizza, was leaked on social media. After which both of them made a lot of headlines…

Karmita Kaur MMS Leaked



Karmita Kaur MMS Leaked

Karmita Kaur MMS Leak Controversy: These days it is the era of social media, whoever you see is uploading different types of content. Many social media influencers upload videos on YouTube, while many take the help of Instagram. However, sometimes some hackers misuse these videos and their MMS gets leaked. Recently, the private video of Jalandhar’s famous Kulhad Pizza couple Sahaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur was leaked. The couple was also trolled a lot after this. However, Sahaj broke his silence on these things and said that all this is fake. Now Punjabi star Karmita Kaur also followed this and now she is facing criticism on the internet for the same. In fact, his MMS video has also allegedly been leaked on social media. After which the fans are telling him lies. Ever since the MMS was shared, Karmita Kaur has been trending on the internet as screenshots and links of her 2-minute video are being shared among netizens. However, Karmita says that this video is not hers and she does not want to increase these things by repeatedly replying to useless people.

Who is Karmita Kaur?

The viral MMS video shows a woman who is very similar to Karmita. After the video surfaced, Karmita Kaur vehemently denied any connection with the leaked MMS footage and clearly termed it a hoax. Let us tell you that Karmita Kaur is a very well-known name on the internet, especially in Punjab. The star gained popularity for his dancing skills and fans also like his moves a lot. Born in 2004, this young talent has a strong fan-following on the internet. More than 1 million people follow him on Instagram. He was born on October 2, 2004. The 19-year-old is a resident of Punjab, India. His popularity increased the most when he successfully obtained a student visa for Canada in a very short period of ten days.

Who leaked the alleged MMS clip of Karmita Kaur?

At present, no definite information has been given about the person responsible for uploading the video online. Karmita Kaur has avoided blaming any particular person in her police complaint. The investigation is currently ongoing and we eagerly await further updates on this matter.

Karmita Kaur’s leaked video is fake

Following the MMS controversy, Karmita took to her social media platforms to directly address the allegations. He said that the video is fake. He appealed to his fans and followers to avoid spreading misinformation or circulating viral videos. After the video went viral, a section of social media users trolled Karmita, but she is not too worried about this ongoing controversy because it is completely fake. Interestingly, he recently celebrated his 19th birthday with his family and thanked his fans for always supporting him.

Kulhar Pizza couple’s video was leaked

The popular joint from Jalandhar became famous for its unique pizza in 2022. With time, the couple became a well-known name on social media and in Punjab, but all the popularity turned into a nightmare after their private MMS got leaked online. At first, Sahaj Arora refused to call the clip authentic and claimed that it was AI-generated, but hardly anyone believed him. After this both of them lodged a complaint in the matter, meanwhile, the police also made an arrest in the incident. However, that didn’t stop the couple’s name from appearing in almost all the headlines as they continued to urge netizens to stop sharing ‘AI-generated’ videos on the internet. Recently, Arora claimed that the couple is facing ‘political pressure’ to change their statement and sought people’s support. The couple also had a son just a few weeks ago. After which both are spending time.

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