When nature opens up to German artist Philipp Frank


Ladakh, August 28: Amidst the surreal landscape of Ladakh’s Disco Valley, dried mud and centuries-old boulders have been transformed into a fluid embodiment.

Various bonds are formed, technology and art interact to convey synonyms of a state in which spirituality and the natural world come on a common level during the closing ceremony of the recently organized SA Ladakh exhibition, the highest art fair on Earth in Asia, exploring climate, culture and society, supported by the German Embassy .

While this show is centered around the theme of water, Philip Frank, who travels the world with performance and video art, stresses that producing socially relevant art is something that has always driven him.

“We are living with the consequences of climate change. It has become a major issue of our time, which is what prompts me to talk about it through my art.”

“Born in a small village near Munich, the artist has been creating art since he was a teenager – starting with graffiti, drawing, and then moving on to cursive cartography. He admits that his years as a street artist had a profound effect on his artistic sensibility. “

“It taught me to notice things carefully, to experiment, and to be open to improvisation,” he told IANS.

Given that projection involves widespread use of technology, it is only fair to ask where science ends and the arts begin…

“Honestly, technology is just a medium, 10 to 15 years ago, I wouldn’t have done what I’m doing now. But back then, I was communicating my ideas through other means.”

While he has traveled the world with his art, this is his first visit to Ladakh.

“There are many layers to the landscape here,” he says. “For the artist, the contrasts that nature provides here open up multiple possibilities for exploration.”

“The past few years have seen an increase in people-to-people contact between the two countries. We were looking for a cultural project with sustainability at the center to celebrate India Day,” adds Sebastian Fuchs, German Embassy spokesperson and songwriter. Presidency of the G20. Germany is a major contributor to sustainable development in India. When the idea for ‘Sa-Ladakh’ was brought up, I was instantly impressed. There are many sides to this place – it’s a fragile ecosystem, and there are a lot of problems. “Tourists come here, which is great but also poses many challenges. It is always interesting to be associated with something that is just beginning. Ladakh has a spiritual and emotional appeal for many Indians and foreigners, and I hope we will continue to be associated with something and bring in more German artists as well.”

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Source: IANS

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