VIDEO: The arrangement of Hamas terrorists! Rocket made from water pipes, Israel also ‘stunned’ by new method of attack



Hamas is making new weapons to fight Israel.
Hamas has made a rocket from a water pipeline.
EU had given funds for laying water pipelines.

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Palestine’s terrorist organization Hamas has intensified. Both the countries are continuously raining rockets on each other. However, there is more discussion about the arrangements made by Hamas terrorists. Actually, Hamas made rockets from water pipes and is using it in the war with Israel.

Let us tell you that for clean water in Gaza, the European Union (EU) gave money to lay the water pipeline. Pipelines were also laid at different places, but Hamas terrorists used these pipelines and converted them into dangerous rockets that cause death. Now he is using it in the war with Israel.

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Brussels helped more than 100 million euros i.e. 876 crore rupees for laying water pipeline in Palestine. But Hamas terrorists made such a trick that they converted this pipeline into a rocket. It is known that Hamas terrorists are famous for making weapons in new ways. They even made domestic drones for themselves by copying Israeli drones. Then on 7 September 2023, grenades were dropped from the same place.

Where do Hamas get rockets from?
The biggest question is where does the terrorist organization Hamas get the rockets to attack. Iran, Syria and Sudan are believed to supply rockets to the terrorist organization Hamas. But all three countries reject these claims. Although the rockets that Hamas has made for itself are not very advanced in terms of technology, they cause a lot of damage.

What type of rocket does Hamas use?
The terrorist organization usually uses Fateh-110 rockets made in Iran. Its weight is 500 kg. Talking about their range, it is 300 kilometers. Apart from this, Hamas also uses homemade rockets named al Quds. Its range includes the whole of Israel. Hamas also uses a rocket named Qassam. It is being claimed that Hamas has used a water pipeline to make this rocket.


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