Those familiar with “Roadies” are unable to decipher the new mission just moments before it begins


Mumbai, August 27: New missions are coming and they are just moments away, though this time due to the gang leader’s penchant for theatrics or perhaps just sadistic fun, they haven’t revealed what it will be. This has already caused quite a bit of confusion among the contestants, though “Roadies” insiders are unable to decipher this next mission.

Several of the contestants stand outside nervously walking around, wondering what’s going on as the details are kept hidden from them. Those familiar with the show usually take their time to decode the missions before announcing them, but in this bizarre development, they are also at a loss.

The new “Kaand” game will basically revolve around all the racers trying to find something hidden somewhere far away on the set of “Roadies” before time runs out. But what the object is, and what location they have to travel to, nothing is revealed.

Sonu Sood does his own thing while cataloging the contestants and preparing for the vote while the gang leaders also remain silent. From what insiders Hamid and Priya can gather, the hidden object is in fact a stone, or something similar to a stone hidden inside a sandbox somewhere around the campsite.

So far, all they can say is that the contestants will have to find the thing and that’s it. However, the gang bosses refuse to divulge any details whatsoever making this a test of strategy, calculation and teamwork.

Given these factors, Prince’s gang looks to be the likely winner for most as Prince has shown to be the most tactically minded leader in the camp and while Gautam Gulati is a more calculating person, his thinking is very straightforward.

On the other hand, it is Rhea Chakraborty who has been called out for her most innovative thinking and coming up with unique plans, but it was her team that lacked the most coordination. While all gang leaders have their own strengths, teamwork is paramount to the new mission and Prince was the only one whose team seemed to understand the concept the most.

‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ is broadcast on MTV and JioCinema.

Source: IANS

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