This mini electric car of Suzuki is coming to blow away the sleep of MG Comet EV, see full details


Many automobile companies are preparing to present multiple segment models in the Japan Mobility Show 2023. In such a situation, Suzuki is also going to launch mini electric car Swift and updated EVX concept EWX. The company claims that this car will give a range of 230km in a single charge. Now it remains to be seen how much traction this car can create among the people. So let’s know about its price and amazing features..

How will this car look?

  • The company has specially designed this mini electric car (Suzuki eWX Electric Car) for daily use.
  • Whose length is going to be 3395 mm, width 1475 mm, height 1620 mm.
  • It will have bumper side skirt with C-size LED DRL and closed grille. Apart from this, it is also going to get yellow colored highlights.

There is no addition to the mileage either.

  • No information has been shared yet by Suzuki company regarding the specifications of this Mini Electric Car. But the manufacturer has claimed about its mileage that it will give a mileage of about 230 kilometers in one full charge. Where it is going with this, the range is going to be like the MG Comet EV present in the market.
  • Suzuki eWX Electric Car is going to be launched in the market with power of 40 to 60 PS and peak torque of 100 to 150 Nm.

When will Suzuki eWX Electric Car enter?

Suzuki has not yet shared any information regarding the interior of this mini electric car (Suzuki eWX Electric Car). But all its details are expected to be available in the Japan Mobility Show 2023 being held from October 25 to November 5. At the same time, no information has been revealed about the price yet, hence it would be too early to say anything.

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