The only Israeli MP who stands in favor of Palestine, but why?


After the attack by Palestinian extremist group Hamas, many countries of the world are standing with Israel. But an Israeli MP has held Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies responsible for this incident. Leftist MP Ofer Kassif said that he had warned that if the Netanyahu government does not change its policies towards Palestinians, such a situation could arise.

Ofer Kasif is part of ‘Hadash’, a coalition of leftist parties in Israel. Apart from the Israeli Communist Party, other leftist parties are included in this. This alliance has four members in the Israeli parliament ‘Knesset’. Qasif is considered a critic of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel’s occupation policies.

Speaking to international media network Al Jazeera, Kasif said,

“We condemn any attack on innocent people. But unlike the Israeli government, we also oppose any attack against Palestinian civilians. We must analyze such tragic attacks in their proper context – and That is the policy of capture.”

According to Kasif, they were constantly warning that… all this is going to happen and everyone will have to pay the price, especially those who are innocent on both sides. And unfortunately that is what happened.

‘Government supports the genocide of Palestinians’

Ofer Kasif described the Israeli government as a fascist government and said that this government supports, promotes and itself leads genocide against Palestinians. Even now this ethnic genocide continues.

Kasif further said that Netanyahu is only concerned about himself, he just wants to stay out of jail, this is his motivation. According to Aljazeera, many cases are registered against Netanyahu in Israel. There are also cases like fraud and corruption among them.

The manner in which Hamas attacked Israel from the Gaza Strip on the morning of 7 October had shocked Israel as well as the entire world. No one expected such a sudden and big attack. So far 800 Israeli people have died in this attack. At the same time, about 500 people have been killed in Gaza Strip in Israel’s retaliatory action. After this unexpected attack, the dispute that has been going on for decades seems to be deepening.

During this attack, Hamas also took many Israeli citizens hostage. Now Hamas has claimed that it will treat the hostages humanely. Here, the Israeli army has said that Hamas positions in Gaza are being targeted.

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