The face burned badly while doing the laser facial Take this precaution before undergoing laser treatment, otherwise you will suffer harm instead of benefit


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Laser treatment is trending a lot on social media these days. The process of this treatment and the subsequent results are shown in the reels so beautifully that you will not be enthralled by it.

But sometimes this treatment can be very dangerous. Currently, a news is going viral on social media, in which the face of Isada Esiri, a TV host living in Bangkok, Thailand, has been badly burned due to a laser facial. She went to an unnamed laser treatment center that she had no idea about the credibility of.

Work news Today we will talk to experts about what laser treatment is, its advantages and disadvantages as a beauty treatment. Also, what precautions should be taken while undergoing laser treatment?

Expert: Dr. Ramanjit Singh, Consultant, Dermatologist, Medanta, Gurugram

Question: What is a laser facial?
In laser treatment, strong beams of light are injected into the area to be treated. It treats the top or inner layer of the skin. Unwanted areas of skin are burned away with laser treatment.

Question: Why is laser treatment done on the skin?
Let’s understand from the creative below.

Laser treatment is mainly done in three ways.

Laser hair removal: This treatment is used to remove unwanted body hair. In which diode laser or triple wavelength laser is used.

In hair removal, doctors destroy the hair follicles with a laser. Hair growth stops after laser treatment and frequent waxing is not required.

Laser Facial: A laser facial uses an intense pulsed laser. In which the top layer of skin is exfoliated by a laser, due to which new layers start to appear. Due to which the spots and blemishes start to diminish and the face glows with a new layer.

Marks Removal: In which birth marks, stretch marks, pigmentation and other types of scars are removed. Freckles and injury marks can also be removed by laser.

Beneath this skin are melanocytes, which produce melanin. Melanin is broken down with the laser. When the melanin is broken down, the skin becomes lighter, brighter, and spots are reduced.

Q: What are the side effects of a laser facial?
Any cosmetic procedure has some risks and side effects. Same is the case with this treatment.

In which redness and swelling appear on the skin during the treatment. Which usually resolves within a few hours.

If the treatment is done at the right process and temperature, the chances of side effects are generally very low.

Question: When are there risks in laser treatment?
A risk arises in the condition when the treatment is not known properly. How much energy has to be given during the treatment, what temperature has to be maintained. If these things are not taken care of, the chances of skin irritation increase.

Q: What problems can occur if a laser treatment goes wrong?
If the treatment process is not done properly, many skin related problems can occur.

Let’s understand this from the creative below.

Question: This treatment What should be taken care of during or after the procedure?
Let us understand the points one by one-

  • Skin becomes sensitive after treatment, so do not use harsh chemicals.
  • Do not go out in direct sunlight.
  • Apply sunscreen if you are going out in the sun.
  • Do not take any other skin treatment or therapy for 15 days after the treatment.

Question: Where should the laser treatment be performed?
This treatment should only be performed by an experienced doctor in an authorized clinic and by a certified dermatologist, so that the skin can be treated under proper supervision and the laser can be applied evenly over the entire face.

If the hand gets stuck anywhere during this treatment, that part may burn.

Nowadays even common beauty parlors do this treatment. But they don’t have good medical practitioners, which can be dangerous.

Question: Is there no need to repeat the treatment once?
It is not so. Laser treatment requires multiple sittings. Even then the problem does not go away permanently.

Q: How is laser facial treatment performed?
The entire treatment time depends on which and how many parts of the body you are treating. This treatment usually takes 15 minutes to an hour.

Although the process of different laser treatments varies, there are some general processes, which can be understood in points-

  • Wash your face with salt water.
  • After this, ice cubes are placed on the skin to open the pores.
  • A gel is applied to normalize skin temperature.
  • This is followed by a short duration laser shot on the face. It does not cause pain.
  • It just looks like an ant bite. A slight warmth is felt on the skin.
  • Applying the gel normalizes the skin temperature.
  • Finally massage the face with ice. Sunscreen lotion is then applied.

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