Tata’s big plan, brand new Sumo will be launched, will get the strength of Range Rover


Tata Sumo: Tata Motors cars are sold very well in India and the main reason behind this is its safety. You get five star safety rating in every Tata car. This is the reason why it has attracted the hearts of Indian customers. But Tata does not have many cars in the SUV segment.

To accomplish the same, the company is considering launching the new Tata Sumo. However, the company has not given any official statement regarding Tata Sumo. But it has been confirmed by many media reports that we may soon see the new Tata Sumo. If Tata Sumo is launched, its potential features are going to be amazing.

While Tata Sumo was a Bolero sized SUV, now it can be built on the Safari platform which will increase its length. At the same time, it will get the strength of Range Rover because its chassis is going to be from the same company. Even today Tata has only two SUVs in the budget segment.

If Tata Sumo is brought with good specifications then it will make the market its own. This is the reason why the company is talking about providing more features at a lower price. If Tata Sumo is launched, it will give us many features like large infotainment screen, automatic climate control, cruise control, dual tone dashboard, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Play, rear AC vent, 6 airbags and many more.

However, at present no official news has come regarding its launch. Therefore, even if it is launched, we will not see this vehicle before 2025. But ever since this news came in the media, customers are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the SUV.

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