Sweden News: Woman lost her hand in an accident, this is how AI hand connected with veins and bones changed her life – Gujarati News | Sweden News This is how an AI hand connected to nerves and bones changed a Swedish woman’s life – Sweden News This is how an AI hand connected to nerves and bones changed a Swedish woman’s life


Have you ever seen a robotic arm attached to a human? You will also say that this is not possible. Let us tell you that now scientists have made the impossible possible, scientists have developed a bionic hand guided by AI software that is connected to the veins, bones and muscles of a woman.

Sweden News: Woman lost her arm in an accident, this is how an AI hand connected to veins and bones changed her life

Sweden News: Technology has advanced a lot and you can guess from this that scientists have developed a robotic arm. Have you ever thought that an arm that looks like a robotic arm could ever be implanted in a human body? But now scientists have made even this impossible possible.

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Scientists have developed a Bionic Hand, which can be fitted to the human body, this hand is not an ordinary hand, but the technology behind this hand is truly admirable. For whom did the scientists develop this bionic hand and how is this hand connected to the body?

What was the whole matter?

A Swedish woman lost her right arm in an accident while farming 20 years ago. The journal Science Robotics mentions that a team of Swedish, Australian, Italian and American researchers have developed a bionic hand for a woman.

Researchers say the science behind this technology is really strong. The prosthesis was attached to the woman’s veins, bones and muscles in 2017. After getting the bionic hand, this woman says that it has improved a lot and the pain is less than before.

How did you feel before holding hands?

This Swedish woman said that before getting the bionic hand, it felt like her hand was in a grinder. Before the Bionic Hand, a prosthetic device was implanted, but the device was inconvenient and quite cumbersome for me, but everything changed after the Bionic Hand developed by the researchers.

This Swedish woman said that after the implantation procedure, pain in the phantom limb went from 5 to 3 on a 10-point pain scale. Also the stump pain which was earlier reported as 6 has now resolved.

There is a problem with the prosthetic device

Study leader Max Ortiz Catalan (director of the Sweden-based Center for Bionics and Pain Research) says the biggest problem with prosthetic devices is poor control.

These devices are quite uncomfortable and cause pain to the patient when inserted as these devices are usually attached to the residual limb through a socket. To overcome the difficulties of patients suffering from all these problems, the researchers started the work of developing a new robotic arm.

Who made this bionic hand?

This bionic hand has been developed by Italian robotics company Prensilia. The company says that this device has been designed in such a way that after installing this device, the patient will be able to do 80 percent of the daily work easily.

How is the arm connected to the bone?

Ortiz-Catalan informed about this bionic hand that the device is connected by an OC (bone) integrated implant. The implant acts as a gateway between the prosthesis and the electrodes that are implanted in the nerves and muscles.

AI support

The electrodes work to collect nerve control information, which is then transmitted to a computer, which guides the arm using AI software.

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