Swatantra Bharat shares the story behind its unique name


Swatantra Bharat shares the story behind its unique name. Image source: IANS News

Mumbai, August 27: Actor Swatantra Bharat, who plays Shamshera in the family drama ‘Doosri Maa’, has revealed the story behind his unique name.

The name was given to him by the late actor’s father, Shiva Nand, who worked as a science officer in Jammu.

The actor said, “He was fond of the word ‘Swatantra’ which means untrammeled by the rules. However, only some people understand its deep meaning and often underestimate its uniqueness. This scenario continued during my school years. My classmates used to make fun of me because of my name, and sometimes They add descriptions like ‘Swatantra Bharat.’ When I was young, I got frustrated and urged my family to change my name.”

He added, “However, my grandfather helped me realize the beauty of the name and its association with my father, advising me to keep it unaltered. With this understanding, I proudly embraced it, introducing myself as Swatantra Bharat to everyone I met.” This name is on all my official documents too. People often question its authenticity, and I surprise them by confirming that it is real (laughs).”

The actor said he owes this distinct identity to his father as he always stood out thanks to the unique name.

“My face may be forgotten in the industry, but my name is not, which gives me special recognition. Today, my name defines me, and I take great pride in my choice to keep it, considering it the most precious gift from my father.” ” he added.

The series “Doosri Maa” is shown from Monday to Friday on Channel &TV.

Source: IANS

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