Supreme Court On PIL Challenging Albert Einstein Charles Darwin Theory ANN


Legal News: Two judges of the Supreme Court were surprised on Friday (October 13) when a petitioner claimed that the scientific theories of Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin are wrong. The judges said that what is the role of the court in this? He told the petitioner that this is not a matter of public interest litigation. There is no need for court hearing in this.

Petitioner Raj Kumar, who appeared personally before the bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Sudhanshu Dhulia, said that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (the theory of development of life on Earth) and Einstein’s formula E = mc2 (an important theory related to energy). He has studied in school and college. Today he can say that this theory is scientifically wrong. On this the judges asked what can the court do in this?

The judge asked these questions

Justice Kaul said, “Is it the job of the court to test the theories of Newton or Einstein? Which lawyer advised you to file the petition?” The petitioner told that he himself has filed the petition. After this the petitioner asked that if the court will not hear his petition then where should he go? On this, Justice Kaul said that the job of the court is not to give them advice.

…then create a separate principle – said the Supreme Court

The bench said that if someone finds the scientific theories prevalent for a long time wrong, then he is free to formulate and propagate his own theories. The petitioner can also do this if he wishes. This is not a subject on which the court should hear. After this the judges rejected the petition.

Court sent Sanjay Singh to judicial custody till October 27, it is a matter of Delhi Excise Policy

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