Soham Shah said, “Sold flat, property and finally car for ‘Tumbad’ and..”| film tumbbad has completed five years actor soham shah shares he sold his property flat and care during making


Soham Shah had sold his flat, property and finally the car for ‘Tumbad’.. The movie ‘Tumbaad’ has completed five years. Making this movie was a journey. It took seven years to make this movie. Soham Shah, the producer and actor of this movie, faced financial difficulties. Even some projects passed through his hands. Also, Soham had to sell his car for this film. Soham Shah himself narrated this story.

Tumbad is not a horror film

When Soham Shah was asked about Tumbad, he said, I don’t consider this film as a horror film. Tumbad is a movie with a unique theme. It has aspects like love, lust. I don’t think this is a horror movie at all. I think this movie is like the story your grandmother used to tell you. I always like things like this. What will happen if the things told by grandmother do not work in our country? Soham Shah also said this. Soham Shah has made this statement in an interview given to Aaj Tak. The movie Tumbad has completed five years. During the conversation with him on that occasion, he told about the journey of this movie.

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