Sherlyn Chopra strongly denies Rakhi Sawant’s allegations that her Instagram account was hacked


Mumbai, August 27: Rakhi Sawant has accused Sherlyn Chopra of disabling and deleting her Instagram account with Adil and Rajshri. Sherlyn denied the allegations and appealed to the Cyber ​​Police to investigate.

The artist resorted to her account on Instagram, where she published a clip of her denying these accusations. She captioned the post, “Another false claim from Rakhi Sawant.”

In the video, Sherlyn Chopra can be seen sitting at a press conference, where she plays an audio recording of Rakhi Sawant’s allegations.

Sawant was heard saying, “I have a 6am flight to Saudi Arabia but now I’m going to the police station to file a complaint against Adil, Rashi and Sherlyn Chopra who hacked and disabled my Instagram account.” He had over 10 million followers.”

In response, Sherlyn Chopra after reading the audio recording said, “I appeal to the cyber police department to immediately investigate whether Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram account has been hacked or not. Yes or no, because for the cyber police, investigating this matter is not a matter.” Great”. a task.”

Sitting next to her, Adel added, “We want to make it clear that such false allegations should not be made, because the legal authorities have a lot of actual work to do. There are real cases of murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery and abuse.” Extortions happen, so wasting their time is not the right thing to do.

He continued: “Moreover, don’t use the media for all this nonsense, is this a joke to you, playing with our lives by over-sensationalizing these things? Don’t abuse your status and your platform, because in eight hours her account will be back and she will be seen posting reels.” once again.”

He added, “What Rakhi Sawant should do is later apologize to Sherlin, Adil and Rajshree saying I made false allegations against you and I am really sorry for all this altercation.”

Sherlyn Chopra is currently set to play the character of Maharani Snehlata in the second season of the fantasy drama series ‘Paurashpur’. Her bold and seductive outfits have already made headlines, and amid online controversy over her many clothing choices, the actress earlier described her figure as a “strong person” which also made her feel “empowered.”

Rakhi Sawant has made such allegations in the past against several TV actors, accusing many of vandalizing her social media accounts, only for them to usually return within hours of her complaints.

Source: IANS

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