Shani-Rahu-Ketu Transit: Composite to 5 signs, possible loss of wealth; Inauspicious yoga is unfavorable, be careful! – Marathi News | rahu ketu shani gochar 2023 these 5 zodiac signs may face problem in money career business and get adverse effects


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According to astrology, the month of October is going to be very special. By the end of this month, Rahu and Ketu, considered cruel and shadow planets, will transit the sign. Rahu and Ketu move from one sign to another only by retrograde. Currently Rahu and Ketu are in Aries and Libra respectively.

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There will be a lunar eclipse on Kojagiri Purnima. This lunar eclipse will be visible in India. Immediately after this lunar eclipse, Rahu and Ketu will transform and enter Pisces and Virgo respectively. Rahu and Ketu occupy about 18 months in a rashi. Also they are always in equioctave position from each other.
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After the transit of Rahu and Ketu, Saturn, considered the judge of Navagrahas, is transiting in Swarashi i.e. Aquarius. A few months ago, Saturn was retrograde in Aquarius. The transit of these three planets will be mixed for some zodiac signs. It is being said to be careful during this period. Let’s find out…
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Rahu-Ketu-Shani transit can be complex for Aries people. Stress can increase in life. Many challenges may be faced in business. Money will be spent like water. Some expenses may arise suddenly that you have not even thought about. Marital relations may be affected. In matters related to money, careful consideration is required before making any decision. Financial problems may be faced. Relationships with family members may deteriorate. Think carefully.

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Rahu-Ketu-Shani transit can be complex for Cancer people. Some adverse situations may be faced. Stress can increase due to many reasons in personal life. Money saved will be wasted due to unnecessary expenses. A number of reasons can increase debt. Don’t lend money to anyone. Otherwise you may lose money. Problems related to the health of the partner can cause trouble. Arguments may arise in married life. Proper accounting of assets is advised.
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Rahu-Ketu-Shani transit can be complex for Leo people. You may face adverse situations. There will be many ups and downs in life. Hard work in any work does not necessarily yield expected results. There may be some changes in business. Take any decision carefully. If a professional gets stuck in debt, it can affect the business. Stress will be faced. It is better to consult an experienced person in this matter. Drive the vehicle carefully. It is advised to face the challenges with patience.
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Rahu-Ketu-Shani transit can be complex for Scorpio people. May face health problems. Pay maximum attention to health. Think ten times while working on any new project or any contract. All sides should be reviewed. Financial loss may occur. There may be disputes with business partners. It would be better to talk openly about any issue.

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Rahu-Ketu-Saturn transit can be complex for Pisces people. Many problems can arise. Acrimony may increase in relations with family members. Financially also one may face shortage of money. Some unnecessary expenses may affect important work. Businessmen may have disputes with partners due to money stuck. Special attention to health is advised.
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At this time, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are going through seven and a half weeks. The last phase of Capricorn, the middle phase of Aquarius and the first phase of Pisces is underway. – It is being said that the said information is based on general assumptions and astrological assumptions, and consulting experts in this regard may be useful.

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