Sayami Kher recycles ‘Ghoomer’ for ‘Gadar 2’


Mumbai, August 26: Actress Sayami Kher has taken a bold stance, highlighting the dearth of mainstream support for female-oriented stories in the Hindi film industry.

Inspired by the famous hand pump scene in the hit movie Gadar, Saiyami is a powerful call to action.

In the video, Sayami pays tribute to Jadar’s memorable hand-pump scene, reimagining it in her own style. Subtly and flair, she mimics the iconic moment, where she pulls out the pump, only to throw it away in a Ghoomer-style move reminiscent of her latest Ghoomer movie.

Her message is: “Girls are also capable of bringing victory to Hindustan”. Her post is accompanied by a Sunny Deol tag to express gratitude for the inspiration it embodies.

Sayami told IANS, “I’m overwhelmed by the response Ghoomer has been getting by people who watched it. I hope it reaches more people. It’s really good news that people are coming back to theaters but I wish female films would be supported like a lot.”

The effort is the same. We say more mixed content should be done, more acting, but when a movie is based on a sportswoman, it doesn’t get the same kind of response. Mr. Sunny has been so kind and generous with his support! Please Gaddar dekho par “Ghoomar” bhi dekho!

‘Ghoomer’ features her in the challenging role of a paraplegic cricketer who loses her right hand in a tragic accident. Her character’s journey mirrors her own in her determination and resilience. Under the guidance of her coach, played by Abhishek Bachchan, Sayami emerges victorious, leading her team to victory and proudly bringing home the trophy for India.

Source: IANS

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