Rahul Vaidya Wife Disha Parmar Weight Loss Journey In 17 Days After Delivery Shocked Fans Seeing Body Transformation; Disha Parmar lost weight within 17 days after delivery, how to do body transformation


Disha Parmar, the daughter-in-law of Marathmola Vaidya, and Rahul Vaidya are everyone’s favorite couple. 17 days ago Disha gave birth to a baby girl and now Disha is back in the limelight due to her body transformation. Disha lost weight in just 17 days and shared her photo. Disha’s fans are shocked to see this look.

While Disha was working throughout her pregnancy, Disha was also active on social media till the last day. But now Disha has shocked everyone by losing weight in just 17 days. Reactions like can this really happen are also seen on social media. How to get in shape after delivery Dietician Dr. Anjali Phatak has given some important tips. (Photo Courtesy – @dishaparmar Instagram/iStock)

Drink for extra fat

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Lose weight in 17 days

Disha posted a story on her Instagram which said 17 Days Later. Looking at Disha, she looks so fit that no one will say that she has given birth to a girl just 17 days ago.

So everyone is wondering how exactly this miracle happened in just 17 days. Disha said that she had taken a very healthy diet during her pregnancy and would continue to do so.

How many kilos to lose weight

While posting this story, Disha did not disclose how many kilos she lost. But after seeing her pregnancy photos and this photo, she is looking fitter. Even after a normal delivery, we see many women suffering for 1 month. So this body transformation of Disha is surprising to everyone.

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Start by asking your doctor

After delivery you can ask the doctor to lose weight as per his advice. But do not take any step in your own mind. Dietician and doctor Anjali Phatak has told what exactly to follow for this. The most important thing is not to stress at all about the weight gain.

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regular exercise

You should continue to exercise even when you are pregnant. Continued exercise under supervision leads to normal delivery and helps in rapid weight loss afterwards. According to experts, you can start light exercise 6 weeks after delivery. You can start with light walking and gentle yoga.

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A nutritious diet

After delivery, only nutritious foods should be included in the diet. Because it takes time for the body to regain its strength after delivery. Also, to strengthen your bones, the diet should include protein, fresh fruits, green vegetables, pulses and grains like sorghum and millet.

Oya water

Stomach gas and indigestion problems worsen after delivery. For that you should drink oya water regularly. Drinking oat water after delivery is beneficial for health. So give the baby oat water. This helps in keeping the weight under control and maintaining good digestion. It also helps to lose extra weight gained during pregnancy quickly.

Emphasize the salad

Emphasize salad with other dishes. After the baby is born, you should discuss with your dietician and choose the right foods and eat more salads. This provides fiber to the body and helps in quick weight loss by providing more energy.

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