quit police job, took up industry after struggle; Became a superstar but had to sell the bungalow, what happened?


Mumbai: In Bollywood, an actor made a name for himself for a time with his films. In the beginning of his career, he acted in many films. He gained huge popularity by giving super hit movies. Despite achieving so much success, he had to sell his house during his struggle.

In 1960, Rajendra Kumar, a popular actor of Hindi cinema, came to Delhi. He decided to quit his police job and pursue a career in cinema. In the beginning of his career, he played small and big roles. But within a few years of his career, he became one of the top actors in the industry. His movies used to be in theaters between 25 and 50. That is why his name was known as Jubilee Kumar among the audience.

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Rajendra Kumar was the most popular actor in the industry before Rajesh Khanna who was recognized as the first superstar of the industry. After that, Rajesh Khanna became a superstar in the industry. Around the same time, Rajendra Kumar sold his bungalow, considered his lucky charm, to Rajesh Khanna during his downfall. Rajendra Kumar bought this bungalow of his, only after that his fortunes changed, he later sold the same bungalow to Rajesh Khanna and it is said that he also had better days.

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Rajendra Kumar bought this bungalow after signing two films with Raj Kapoor. Rajendra Kumar struggled a lot in his life. In the early days, they used to sleep in a shelter house. They were given a cot to sleep there. Later, the days changed and after Rajendra Kumar became a big star, people were paying a huge price to sleep on it.

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Rajendra Kumar acted in almost 80 films in his acting career spanning 4 decades. In the 60s in the industry, he acted in many superhit films like Sangam, Suraj, Dhool Ka Phool, Mere Mehboob, Gharana, Talash, Dil Ek Mandir, Arju, Juk Gaya Aasmaan. His films were in theaters for 25 weeks. People used to throng outside the theaters to watch Rajendra Kumar’s movies.

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