Prince Narula stresses the importance of dignity and respect for his members before the next mission


Mumbai, August 27: All gang leaders place great importance on the respect, strength, and dignity of their members, and these are all qualities required to be a Roadie. But many of Prince’s gang members like Priyanka and Ashika have gotten into arguments, so being at the forefront, it only makes sense that Prince would stress the importance of integrity to all of his members.

Before the new assignments, when everyone has reached Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Prince will have some time with his members and tell them to keep their heads back on the right path and not lose themselves, believing their winning hand to be permanent.

But more than that, Prince will tell all his members in front of the entire team, which includes all the contestants, gang bosses, and Sono Sood, that he values ​​integrity and dignity in the game and life above victory, saying that victory without any honor is tantamount to defeat.

He would then also stress that if he saw more contestants stepping out of line, instead of giving them the strongest verbal warnings as he usually did, he would eliminate them directly without hesitation or questions.

This leaves the members awestruck, especially since Prince Narula currently has the upper hand and so far this past week has looked like the winner, gaining the advantage in every mission due to some brilliant strategic planning.

He also tells the other leaders that if any member of his team misbehaves or goes out of bounds, he is the first to be informed because he will judge them rather than having any meetings at all, and instead of voting or a jury will either keep them, or eliminate them.

This leads to a smile from Sono Soo who will commend Prince for staying within bounds and respecting the rules, upholding the spirit of the game while maintaining a true sporting demeanor.

To see how Prince outsmarts his opponents, and his emphasis on integrity above all else, fans can watch MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand on MTV and JioCinema.

Source: IANS

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