Prime Minister Modi praises the efforts of the Meghalaya man


1,700 caves discovered: PM Modi praises efforts of Meghalaya man. Image source: IANS News

Guwahati, August 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his monthly radio show – Man Ki Pat Brian D. Kharparan, a native of Meghalaya who, along with his team, has discovered more than 1,700 caves in the state.

Modi also advised people to explore the Meghalaya Caves, some of which are the longest and deepest in the country.

In his “Man Ki Baat” address, the Prime Minister said that Kharparan made his first scouting in 1964 when he was still a schoolboy. He and a friend founded an association in 1990 and it was through this association that he first learned of the unexplored caves in Meghalaya.

“Kharpran and his colleagues found more than 1,700 caves in Meghalaya, making the region known for its caves. In India, some of the longest and deepest caves were found in Meghalaya,” he said.

“During MannKiBaat, I spoke about Mr. Brian D. Kharpran Daly, who has done decades of work discovering and publishing caves in Meghalaya. I also urge you all to travel to Meghalaya and explore the beautiful caves for yourself,” the prime minister wrote on his website. X.

He invited everyone across the country to make travel arrangements to visit the Meghalaya Caves while praising the work of Brian D. Kharban and his entire team.

Founding Secretary of the Meghalaya Adventurers Association, Brian D. Kharbaran has documented 537.6 square kilometers of caves in the state so far.

Source: IANS

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