Prarthana Behere : ‘Neither of us want children’; A clear response to prayer


Leaders Online Desk: Famous Marathi actress Prarthana Behere, be it a movie or a serial, her acting magic is always there. Along with Abhinay, countless fans have fallen in love with her sisters. In the personal life of prayer, especially, the discussion about marriage always arose. Meanwhile, the rumor that Prarthana is pregnant was spread on social media. In a recent interview about this, Prarthana has made a big disclosure. Prarthana has said clearly on her YouTube channel that both of us do not want children.

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Actress Prarthana Behere has recently started her own YouTube channel to connect with her fans. Through this channel, she has done heart-to-heart chats with her fans. Meanwhile, she has kept quiet about her marriage and pregnancy rumors in her personal life. This prayer video has gone viral on social media. In this video, Prarthana has shown a glimpse of her house in Alibaug.

Meanwhile, tell her ‘a rumor you heard about yourself?’ Such a question was asked. In response to this, Prarthana had spread rumors on social media that she had stopped working because she was pregnant. Earlier I wore a polka dot dress during an event. After this, the netizens started talking about me being pregnant. This time I felt very disturbed. Because, there was no such thing. I was a bit disturbed when this widespread rumor came to my ears. But, after some time everything was forgotten and everything was fine as before and the tension was gone. Praying clearly that we both don’t want children and the pets in the house are our children on the YouTube channel. As soon as this video went viral on social media, fans showered comments.

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