Paul Mescal says he was too nervous to talk to Pedro Pascal before filming ‘Gladiator 2’


Paul Mescal says he was too nervous to speak to Pedro Pascal before shooting Gladiator 2. Image Credit: IANS News

Los Angeles, August 27: Actor Paul Mescal, who is set to star in the upcoming Gladiator 2 movie, said that while filming with Pedro Pascal, he was very nervous and afraid to even talk to him, and was “very nervous” before shooting began. .

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in a recent interview with Esquire, prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, the actor said he had already seen The Last of Us star at LAX airport before his participation in the film was announced, but “was too afraid to go in.”

He said Pascal ended up coming over to him and “he seemed so genuine, and I’m really looking forward to spending time with him.”

He didn’t have to audition for the role, the The Normal People star previously told THR, but instead set up a meeting with director Ridley Scott, who “discussed the parameters of the story. After that, I was given the script.”

Mescal didn’t share many details about the Gladiator sequel with Esquire because he was nervous he might say something he wasn’t supposed to.

“I can’t get into that!” he said to the outlet. “I can’t tell you how nervous I get talking about this movie in particular, because it’s definitely the biggest movie I’ve done. I get really excited, but, it’s hard to walk away from the legacy of the movie a little bit.

He added, “I think it’s really well written and pays homage to Part One, but it’s something I think I can step in and comfortably make my own.”

The actor also admitted that he did not speak with original Gladiator actor Russell Crowe. “I don’t know what we’re going to talk about,” he explained. “For example, I’d like to hear his stories from the shoot, but the character is completely separate.”

In the film, Mescal takes on the role of the adult Lucius, who was portrayed in the original film as the nephew of Commodus, the Roman emperor played by Joaquin Phoenix.

At the moment, the shooting of the film has been halted due to the airstrikes, although Ridley Scott has already completed about half of the filming, but since June he has not made any progress.

Source: IANS

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