Organizers say that the second season of the GPBL has been postponed keeping in mind the interests of the players


Bengaluru, August 26: Accusing the Badminton Federation of India (BAI) of using tactics aimed at instilling fear and anxiety among players, organizers of the Badminton Grand Prix League have postponed the second season of the specially organized event which was scheduled to start on Sunday.

After BAI issued notices warning players against participating in unsanctioned tournaments, the GPBL organizers took the matter to the Karnataka High Court, which stopped BAI’s notice. BAI appealed to the Supreme Court, which remanded the matter to Karnataka HC for hearing and final decision as the previous order was made unilaterally.

“While the Honorable Karnataka High Court order allowed the players to play in the league, the players faced pressure and intimidation tactics from the Badminton Federation of India. With the best interests of the players in mind, Season 2 of the GPBL has been postponed due to the league’s promoters,” the organizers announced in a statement on Saturday. One day before the event is scheduled to start.

GPBL has stood firmly with the players and reaffirmed its commitment to their rights and aspirations in the face of recent challenges. While BAI threatened players with dire consequences, the GPBL remained steadfast in its dedication to players’ welfare and the spirit of fair competition, the organizers alleged in the statement.

GPBL Commissioner Prashanth Reddy said, “It is a sad day not only for badminton but for sports in India in general. The essence of sport lies in fairness, competition and empowerment of athletes. We stand with the players who have chosen to be part of the GPBL, while respecting their right to Make decisions that are in line with their aspirations. It is essential to foster an environment where players feel supported and empowered to pursue their dreams without fear of repercussions. “

On the various circulars issued by BAI, Reddy said: “Threatening players with dire consequences even after various court orders is very rude. There is not much we can do when Supreme Court orders are violated with little care by the same body responsible for The growth and development of badminton.

“Despite the support of more than 50% of the players who still wanted to participate and the team owners forgoing the Rs 1 crore prize money, we didn’t want the players to play with a sword hanging on their neck. It’s a pity.” “The players will lose money that would have helped them train and make ends meet,” said Prashanth Reddy.

Former India player Arvind Bhatt, the league’s director, emphasized the benefits of the league, which was in the interest of the players.

“Apart from giving them a great exposure, tournaments give players the chance to meet the best players from around the world and learn the techniques to reach the top,” said the former national champion and winner of several international events.

“Although our attempts to communicate with BAI so far have proven fruitless, we will continue to make efforts to communicate with them and find a way to work together. Although it is a big hit at the moment, the second season of GPBL has only been postponed for the first time,” said Prashanth Reddy. : “At the moment, and will be back bigger and bigger soon.”

Source: IANS

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