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Stock Of The Day: Strong action is being recorded in the stock market on the first day of the trading week. Major market indices opened with a decline due to weak global signals. In this softness of the market, there is an opportunity to earn money due to strong triggers in selected stocks. Market Guru Anil Singhvi has suggested two stocks to buy today. These shares include TCS and Prestige Estates.

TCS will fly



Market Guru Anil Singhvi said that on Friday he had given buying advice in TCS Foot in yesterday’s Rs 2000 segment, whose first target was also hit at Rs 3633. To buy the stock today, set a stoploss of Rs 3575. The share can touch the level of Rs 3680, 3720 and 3765 in upside. Since the company will release the results on Wednesday.

Note the positional target also

He said that because of TCS it does not show much action. In such a situation, you can buy shares for a week. Shares will also get support for buyback. Anil Singhvi said that if TCS releases good results then the share price can touch the level of Rs 3875 and Rs 3965.

Realty Stock to Buy

Anil Singhvi has also picked up shares of Prestige Estates for buying today. He said that tremendous figures have been released in the second quarter. The company’s pre-sales have doubled. Therefore confidence in the stock has increased. Buy the share with stoploss of Rs 658. Above, the price will touch the level of Rs 672, 685 and 700.

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