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Telly Masala: Marathi entertainment industry has flourished again. Dramas, serials and movies of different quality are coming to the audience. Marathi art works are loved by audiences all over the world. But the audience is also curious to know how the actor’s personal life is, what is happening in the serial and cine world. Know news related to Marathi entertainment industry…

Shivrayancha Chhava: ‘Shivarayancha Chhava’ made history before its release! ‘Ha’ became the first Marathi film to hold a record

Shivrayancha Chhava: After films like Farzand, Fatteshikast, Pawankhind, Sher Shivraj and Subhedar, Digpal Lanjekar’s Shivrayancha The movie ‘Shivrayancha Chhava’ is coming to the audience. But this movie has created history even before its release. The poster of this movie has been seen at Times Square in New York.

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Marathi Serials : Jui Gadkari’s ‘Tharal Ter Mag’ is the number 1 serial in Maharashtra

Marathi Serial TRP Rating: New experiments are currently being done in the Marathi Serial world. The makers keep coming up with new twists in the series to keep the audience hooked. Along with the serials, the audience is also paying attention to the TRP ratings of the serials. Fluctuations are often seen in the TRP report. Recently this week’s TRP report has come out. Actress Jui Gadkari’s serial ‘Tharla Tar Mag’ (Tharla Tar Mag) has won the TRP race in its first week.

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Aarti Solanki : “Co-stars hit it like six”; Actress Aarti Solanki lost 50 kg weight… Know the journey of transformation…

Aarti Solanki: Actress Aarti Solanki is currently in the news. The actress is not in the limelight for her upcoming project but for her stunning transformation. Aarti has lost not 5-10 kg but almost 50 kg. Fans are pleasantly surprised to see the photos of Aarti after transformation (Aarti Solanki Transformation).

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Isha Keskar : Isha Keskar ready to hit the small screen after ‘My husband’s wife’; He will make a strong comeback from this series

Isha Keskar : In the past few days, the audience has been seeing different haircut series commenting on various topics. The new serial ‘Laxmichya Paulanni’ (Laxmichya Paulanni) is also coming to the audience soon. Isha Keskar is going to make a strong comeback through this series. Isha is all set to hit the small screen after ‘Maajya Navara Chi Baiko’.

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Milind Gawali : ‘No policeman ever eats money’; Milind Gawli’s ‘She’ post is in discussion!

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Fame Milind Gawali Post : ‘Aai Kuthe Kay Karte’ (Aai Kuthe Kay Karte) is a popular small screen serial. This series has been entertaining the audience for the past few days. Actor Milind Gawli is playing the role of Anirudh in this serial. Now Milind Gawli has also praised Anirudh’s behavior through social media.

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