Maratha Reservation : “This is a golden moment for the Marathas!”; Manoj Jarang’s Elgar before the grand meeting at Antarvali


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An agitation is being made to get reservation for the Maratha community. Manoj Jarange Patil has taken the stance that the movement will not be withdrawn until the Maratha community in Maharashtra gets the Kunbi certificate. Against this backdrop, a grand meeting has been organized today at Antarvali Sarati village in Jalna. Thousands of Maratha brothers from all over the state will attend this meeting. Manoj Jarange Patil has reacted before this Jangi meeting.

Manoj Jarange said, “We will not stop until we win, from today we have 10 days in the hands of the government. Today, the Maratha community will stand wherever it gets. This is a golden moment for the Marathas of the state. I want to witness it myself. Today, not a single Maratha will stay at home. All Marathas are at home.” going to leave.”

What will Manoj Jarange say?

“Government should not be insensitive now. Government should recognize this pain and suffering and give reservation within 10 days. We will get it,” Manoj Jarange said. and they are going to go home in peace”, Jarange said on this occasion.

“We have made 1100 acres of parking facilities and 170 acres of forest. Because our community is not going to stay in the house. We have made all the facilities to witness it.” Jarange also said so.

Responding to the criticism made by Gunaratna Sadavarte and Chhagan Bhujbal, Manoj Jarange said that both of them belong to the same market. So don’t talk about them. The whole state knows what they are. Bhujbal is talking like a child. Most of them do not match their age. They are flourishing. Such a big man should not have said that. There is no need to talk about the ordinary farmers. Manoj Jarange also said that we do not know how crores are. He was talking to TV9 Marathi news channel.

After the request of the state government, Manoj Jarange withdrew his fast. He had also made it clear that if the Maratha community does not get reservation in the next 40 days, he will once again start an indefinite hunger strike.

Meanwhile, a pavilion has been erected on 160 acres for this meeting to be held today in Antarwali Sarati village. There are total 7 entrances to enter the hall and there is a separate arrangement for women. Drinking water facilities, mobile clinics and ambulances will also be available in the meeting area. 5000 volunteers will be deployed by caste for the Maratha brothers coming for the meeting and other planning.

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