Mangal Gochar 2023 : Bumper Diwali! Mars will give these people immense wealth, increase in bank balance till November 16


Mars Transits 2023 : The months of October and November are very important due to the transit of the planets. At the beginning of the month of October, bank to bank, three planets have changed their positions. Mars, the ruler of the planets, has also entered the sign of Venus. Venus transits in Libra on October 3rd. Now Mars will be in this sign till November 16. So Diwali is going to be a bumper blast due to Mars. The bank balance of some amount will increase. Find out if it suits you. (Mars Transits 2023 or Mangal Gochar 2023 Diwali will be rich for these zodiac signs till 16 November)

Leo Zodiac



Mars occupies the third house of Leo. You will benefit greatly from the investments made so far. People whose business is related to foreign countries will get huge profits. The hard work done so far in the career will bear fruit. Due to Mars, you have foreign travel yogas. During this period you will get the support of luck. Are you planning to buy a property or vehicle during Dussehra or Diwali?

Libra Zodiac

Libra people will benefit most from the transit of Mars. Mars has entered Libra. Since Libra is the sign of Venus, these people will give you wealth. Your confidence will increase during this period. People related to military, police and sports field will get support from Mars. Your dignity will double during this period. Relationship with partner will be strengthened.

Sagittarius Zodiac

Mars brings positive results for Sagittarius people. Mars is in wealth position in your horoscope. So you will get immense wealth. New opportunities will be available in career as well. During this period, you will get many opportunities to earn money. Mars has brought profit for businessmen.

(Disclaimer – The information provided here is based on Astrology and is provided for information only. Zee 24 Hours does not endorse these. Before taking any action, please consult an expert in the relevant field.)

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