Mahabaleshwar: A newly married couple died after falling into a valley while taking a selfie


Mahabaleshwar, Leading News Service : A newly married woman from Pune fell into a 300 feet deep ravine and died while taking selfies and photos of the waterfall at Needle Hole Point near Cates Point here. This incident happened on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, after two hours of relentless efforts, the rescue team managed to recover her body. The name of this newlywed is Ankita Sunil Shiraskar (Gurav) (age 23, currently resident of Dhankawadi, Pune).

For more information, Ankita and Sunil Gyandev Shiraskar, a loco pilot (driver) in the railways (age 30, Umberegvan, Distt. Dharashiv currently Res. Dhankawadi Pune) married on Monday. On the 9th, he came to Mahabaleshwar for two days on a two-wheeler. After having lunch on Tuesday afternoon, they left for Pune. After reaching six km from Mahabaleshwar, the wife expressed her desire to see Cat’s Paint again. But the husband said to Ankita that he wants to do a long journey by bike, it will take a lot of time, he will go back. But, Ankita persisted, the couple reached Kate’s Point again at 4:30 PM. After seeing Cat’s Point, they went to see the waterfall near Needle Hole. There he took pictures sitting on the security fence. While taking photos and videos of the waterfall, Ankita fell directly from the cliff into a three hundred feet deep ravine. She was killed on the spot.

In this manner, the husband started shouting. Hearing this commotion, the locals rushed to the accident site. Locals informed Mahabaleshwar and Pachgani Police Station along with Forest Department, Mahabaleshwar Trekkers and Sahyadri Trekkers about this incident. As soon as the information about the accident came, the police, forest department officials and jawans rushed to the accident site.

Saponi Rajesh Mane of Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar Po. Sub-Inspector Rauf Eenamdar, Snehal Somde, Sunil Bhatia of Mahabaleshwar Trekkers and Sanjay Parte of Sahyadri Trekkers and the team at 5.30 p.m. Help started. After two and a half hours of tireless efforts, the dead body was pulled up from the valley.

Ankita called by destiny?

Ankita’s dream of a happy world remained unfulfilled. Her untimely passing is heartbreaking. Ankita was in Mahabaleshwar with her husband for two days. On Tuesday, they both went back. 6 km from Mahabaleshwar. The distance had gone even further. Meanwhile, Ankita insisted on going to Kate’s Point again, her husband said. Didn’t destiny call Ankita? A similar discussion was going on in Mahabaleshwar.

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