Kichcha Sudeepa posts workout photos in preparation for ‘K46’


Bengaluru, August 27: Kannada star Kichcha Sudeepa is set to play his role as a notorious demon slayer in his new project tentatively titled ‘K46’. In preparation, the actor posted snippets of his workout and how much muscle he gained for the role.

The ‘Huchcha’ actor took to social media, posting pictures of his burly physique, amazing biceps and general musculature while wearing a yellow hat, training gloves and red striped boxers.

He captioned the post: “Exercise is my new happy space. Routine has kept me calmer and more focused. Another month or so before ‘K46’ Climax fight sequence… So much to achieve at my workout station.”

Of course, Sudeepa’s dedicated workout pics earned him a lot of praise for his work, with his fans congratulating the actor for achieving the ‘Killer King Pack’.

Sudeepa was generally a fitness freak who would spend a lot of time working out, but not in preparation for roles but as a way to keep himself physically and mentally fit.

However, for ‘K46’, the actor achieved one of the most killer tones he could have had in a long time, which suits him perfectly and is more than a clear indication of the kind of surprises ‘K46’ holds and what Sudeepa will be up to. to do in the movie.

Earlier in June, the ‘Eaga’ actor released a small teaser for the film which showed a bus driving through the night completely bloodied and full of flesh and corpses while Sudipa was silently sitting in the back drinking a blood-soaked whiskey.

The driver eventually spots him, though before he can do anything, Sodiba blasts his brains out with a shotgun and proceeds to break the front window and get out, all the while removing the bullets from his body, putting them in his drink and sipping it beforehand. He pops a cigar as he only says “I’m not human. I’m a demon”.

This “devil” featured in the teaser is likely to be sculpted and powerful.

Source: IANS

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