Israeli army operation: 60 Hamas terrorists killed, 250 civilians saved


Updated: Oct 14th, 2023

– Army shared the video of the operation on social media

– Army captured 26 terrorists including Hamas Navy Commander Mohammad Abu Ali in Sufa checkpoint area near Gaza Strip.

New Delhi: A video of an operation was shared in the social media account of the Israel Defense Forces. The Israeli army killed 60 Hamas terrorists and freed 250 Israeli citizens who were captured by Hamas by carrying out a daring operation near the Sufa checkpoint near the Gaza Strip. Not only that, 26 including the Vice Navy Commander of Hamas were captured.

The Israeli army carried out a live operation and killed 60 of Hamas. Hamas captured 250 Israeli citizens in Sufi checkpoint area near Gaza Strip. The Israeli army carried out a daring operation to save those citizens. During the live operation, besides freeing 250 civilians, Hamas terrorists were killed and 26 Hamas terrorists including Navy Vice Commander Mohammad Abu Ali were captured. Israeli soldiers armed with weapons and modern guns nimbly enter a compound. There, Hamas terrorists shoot in the premises.

The Israeli army responds and then destroys the locked gates by throwing grenades. It also kills the terrorists and then evacuates the civilians to the premises amid full military security.

A military statement said: A joint military effort destroyed Hamas camps near the Gaza security fence and rescued civilians. The operation was carried out very skillfully.

This video shared in social media became viral. People commented that just watching this operation shows why Israel’s military ranks among the best in the world. His discipline and working method are truly outstanding.

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