Israel Palestine War: Israel declared Gaza a military zone, more than 200 Hamas positions were bombed overnight


Reuters, Jerusalem. After the Hamas attack, Israel has declared the Gaza area a closed military zone and imposed a complete ban on entry into it. Also, in a forceful retaliatory action, more than 200 Hamas positions in Gaza were bombed throughout the night on Tuesday. The Israeli army is also preparing to launch a ground operation.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has termed Hamas attacks as purely an evil imposed on the world. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released pictures of the barbaric killings carried out by Hamas terrorists and described them as worse than IS. They said,

Only a genocidal terrorist organization can commit such horrors.

How many Israelis have died so far?

The Israeli army said that the number of Israelis killed in the Hamas attack has reached 1,200 and more than 2,700 people have been injured. US President Joe Biden has confirmed the death of 14 American citizens during this period.

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Palestinian officials say 1,055 people have been killed and 5,184 injured in the Israeli attack. Hamas’ armed group Al Qasm Brigade said that its fighters are still fighting inside Israel. On the other hand, a large number of Israeli army tanks and armored vehicles and Hamas armed groups have gathered in the north of Gaza.

‘Hamas will get change’

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant told his soldiers on Tuesday,

Hamas wanted change and it will get change. What was there in Gaza will not be there now. We started the offensive from the air, later we will go from the ground also.

He said that we humans are fighting animals and we will act accordingly. Israel has imposed a complete blockade of Gaza and has stopped the supply of food, fuel and medicine to the approximately 2.3 million people held there. The only access from Egypt was also closed on Tuesday after airstrikes near the border.

Schools shifting to remote learning

The Israeli army says its troops have killed 1,000 Palestinian gunmen who infiltrated from Gaza. Israel is shifting all schools to remote learning and issuing weapons to licensed citizens as it fears conflict between Jews and Arabs.

There are also signs of the current crisis worsening, as Israel also bombed towns in southern Lebanon in response to rockets fired by Hezbollah. There has also been shelling from the Syrian side, about which the Israeli Army said that it is firing cannons as well as mortars in response to the shelling done by Syria.

Rescue workers busy searching for the dead body

Hamas media reported on Wednesday that electricity supplies had been cut off in Gaza after its only power plant stopped working. Fuel is also not available for generators. After the Israeli attacks, Palestinian rescue workers are busy searching for bodies from the debris.

At the same time, some of the Israelis and other foreigners taken hostage were paraded through the streets of Gaza. Hamas has threatened to kill one of the captured Israeli civilians if Israel targets civilians in Gaza in their homes without warning.

Meanwhile, the US has said that it is talking to Israel and Egypt for the safe evacuation of civilians from Gaza. He has asked Israel to refrain from targeting civilians. At the same time, West Bank resident Palestinian official Hussein al-Sheikh has called for immediate intervention by the international community, saying that Gaza is facing a major humanitarian disaster.

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The first batch of modern American weapons arrived

The first shipment of modern American weapons and equipment has reached Israel. Video and photos released by Israel’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday show a cargo plane landing and carrying the first batch of equipment. It has been brought to Israel as part of a joint operation.

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