Israel Palestine Conflict What Is Phosphorus Bomb Know How It Creates Devastation By Reacting With Oxygen – Israel rains death on Gaza, know how Phosphorus Bomb creates devastation by reacting with oxygen


Let us know what is phosphorus bomb and how it reacts with oxygen to cause destruction:-

What is phosphorus bomb?
Phosphorus is a chemical, there is no restriction on its purchase, but there are rules regarding the use of bombs prepared from it. Phosphorus is a soft powdery chemical. It starts burning rapidly when it comes in contact with oxygen. It smells like garlic. This is the reason why the bomb prepared from it spreads the fire rapidly.

Who invented it?
It is believed that white phosphorus was first used by Fenian (Irish nationalist) arsonists in the 19th century. The first factory-made white phosphorus grenade was introduced by the British Army in late 1916 during World War I.

How dangerous is this?
The temperature of phosphorus is more than 800 degrees centigrade. When it explodes, its particles spread far away. If it reaches the body or comes in contact with it, it can even kill the person. Its smoke suffocates a person. This is the reason why people trapped in its smoke die. Phosphorus badly damages the internal tissue of the skin. It can even damage internal organs.

What are the international rules regarding white phosphorus?
There are also international rules regarding white phosphorus. These rules were made in the Geneva Convention in 1977. There is a ban on its use in the presence of common people. By doing this it will be counted as a chemical weapon. However, there was talk of using it in war.

The law states that if a phosphorus bomb is used in a crowded area, it will be counted as a chemical weapon. This is the reason why after Russia’s action its videos and photos are going viral on social media.

Russia accuses Ukraine of dropping phosphorus bomb
The Russia-Ukraine war has not yet reached a decisive point. Ukraine has been attacked in many ways by Russia. In this sequence, Ukraine has now claimed that Russia has dropped a phosphorus bomb on its city Bakhmut. In the drone footage that went viral, it can be seen how the phosphorus bomb created a ruckus in the city.

When was the phosphorus bomb used?
Phosphorus ammunition was used in modern wars like Russia-Ukraine war, Iraq war, Arab-Israeli conflict. The first factory-made white phosphorus grenade was introduced by the British Army in late 1916 during World War I.

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