Israel hitting Hamas with the most powerful GBU-28 bunker buster bomb Israel is raining Saddam Hussein’s bunker buster bomb in Gaza, Hamas tunnels destroyed, know how dangerous it is


Tel Aviv: GBU-28 is the Israeli weapon which is currently raining death on Hamas. According to the information coming in, Israel is currently using this bomb in Gaza. This bomb is enough to blow up bunkers and kill the enemies hiding in them in an instant. This is the same bomb that the US Army used to destroy Saddam Hussein’s bunker. In the 1990s, when America launched Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, it was used to blow up Saddam Hussein’s bunker. Now Israel is using this weapon on Hamas and it is believed that it can cause destruction on a large scale.

GPS equipped bomb
The 5000 pound (2269 kg) GBU-28 is a laser guided ‘bunker busting’ bomb. This bomb was originally made by Watervliet Arsenal and is located in America. The purpose of designing it was to deeply hurt Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. This bomb was designed and deployed in less than three weeks. Only two weapons were used in Desert Storm. Another such bomb was dropped during Operation Iraqi Freedom. This bomb is equipped with advanced navigation and GPS guidance system.

Experiment for the first time in the year 2015
For the first time in 2015, there were reports that Israel had used this bomb. At that time the Israeli army was accused of using GBU-28 ‘bunker-buster’ missiles to kill the Aldalu family. These are sometimes also called ‘deep throat’. These five meter long bombs enter the houses and explode. Even then this bomb was dropped in Gaza itself. At that time the Palestinians were assured that peace was being negotiated to end the war. But air strikes started happening at night itself. Abu Suleman of the Aldalu family had told that now no one is left.

Israel’s objective
Israel said at the time that the airstrike was aimed at killing Mohammed Daif, the head of the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing. There was also increased resentment among Gazans regarding the testing of GBU-28 by Israel. This Israeli bomb was said to be more dangerous than the missiles fitted in America’s F16. In the year 2021, Israel requested a new GBU-72 bomb from America. Its goal was to use it against Hamas underground bases.

Obama made a deal
In 2011, the then US President Barack Obama had given these bombs to Israel as a deal. However, before that George Bush had promised to supply these bombs to Israel. Then its objective was to curb Iran’s nuclear program. Obama gave 55 GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel. It was then said that the deal was proof that despite the poor chemistry between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu, US-Israeli military ties are deeper than ever.

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