Israel Hamas War what is gaza patti palestine jews conflict reason | Gaza Patti War: 12 KM wide and 41 KM long, what is Gaza Patti? For which Israel-Hamas are thirsty for each other’s blood


Gaza Patti Map: The Israeli army seems intent on wiping out Hamas from the map to avenge the death of hundreds of its people. That is why the Israeli army is targeting Hamas positions by carrying out air strikes one after the other. Apart from this, Israel’s emphasis is also on freeing those people who have been taken hostage by Hamas. The Israeli army is wreaking havoc on the Palestinians on the Gaza border. Even after more than two days of the terrorist attack, the Israeli army is carrying out vigorous attacks on Palestine and Hamas targets. Israel’s rapid attacks have shocked Palestine and Hamas. But do you know that the root of this conflict is also the Gaza Strip, which is just a 41 kilometer long piece of land.



Hamas suffered heavy losses in retaliatory attack

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Know that the terrorist organization Hamas has suffered huge losses in Israel’s targeted attack. Hamas hideouts have been destroyed. Hundreds of terrorists have been killed. At the same time, many big leaders of Hamas have also been put to death. Know that Israel is also destroying the big terrorist leaders of Hamas. Hamas leader Ayman Younis was hiding in a camp in Nussirat in Gaza Strip. It is reported that Younis was trying to escape but Israel destroyed the Hamas camp with an air strike.

Vow to destroy Hamas

Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant has given a strong message amid retaliation against Hamas. He said that Israel will take such action in Gaza which will be remembered for the next 50 years. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again reiterated his vow to eliminate Hamas and Palestine. Amidst these news of war, know what is Gaza Strip?

What is Gaza Strip?

Let us tell you that Gaza Strip is a small area located between Egypt, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The terrorist organization Hamas operates from the Gaza Strip and is attacking Israel. The length of Gaza Strip is about 41 kilometers and width is 6 to 12 kilometers. The population of Gaza Strip is more than 20 lakhs. It is said that about 400 people live here in every square kilometer.

Who are the people living in Gaza Strip?

The special thing is that most of the people living in Gaza Strip are Palestinians. These include both refugees and natives. Israel was established in 1948 and since then the conflict between Israel and Palestine had started. Saving their lives from the military conflict between the two, people came and settled in Gaza Strip. Most people live in Gaza City.

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