Israel Hamas War: War continues in Israel… What are the rules of war? Hamas accused of breaking it


Israel Hamas War: What happens in war? Bombs fall from the sky, bullets fire from all sides and dead bodies pile up. The same thing is happening in the war between Israel and Hamas. When Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, it fired 5 thousand rockets. Also entered into Israel and created a massacre. He took thousands of civilians hostage.

Hamas terrorists infiltrated into Israel through sky, water and air. It is being said that this is the biggest attack on Israel in its 50 year history. At the same time, Israel Defense Force (IDF) is continuously sharing war related pictures on social media. The IDF has declared it a war crime. But the question is, what are the rules of war? If these rules are violated then what is it called?

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When were the rules of war decided?
Let us tell you that if the rules of war are violated then it is called a war crime. Some such rules were decided after the Second World War. As it is known that the Second World War took place from 1939 to 1945. After this, the countries of the world tried to ensure that such a disaster does not happen again. For this, world leaders gathered in Geneva, the capital of Switzerland in the year 1949. This convention was called Geneva Convention.

The law made in the Geneva Convention was called International Humanitarian Law. There are 161 rules in this law, which have been recognized by 196 countries. It is clearly stated that when there is a war going on inside a country, this law does not apply. But when two countries are at war with each other and weapons are being used, then this law applies.

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What will happen if the rules are broken
If these rules are broken and charges for war crimes cannot be framed on the basis of domestic law, then the International Criminal Court (ICC) frames charges in the case. ICC was established in the year 2002. Its members are 123 countries. The ICC investigates war crimes committed in these member countries.

What is a war crime?
Deliberately killing civilians, taking them hostage, capturing their properties and inhumane treatment during war comes under the category of war crimes. Under international law, even when attacking military targets, care must be taken not to harm civilians. Hamas is continuously violating these laws. Nick Kaufman, Israel’s lawyer at ICC, has given the example of Hamas attack on a music festival near the Gaza border.


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