Israel-Hamas War: This actor of ‘Fauda’ web series entered the battlefield against Hamas, joined the Israeli army


Entertainment Desk, New Delhi. At present, Israel’s war against the terrorist organization Hamas is going on. On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, after which Israel also attacked Hamas. (Israel-Hamas War) Giving a befitting reply, has declared war. Meanwhile, amidst the war between Israel and Hamas, big news is coming about Idan Amedi, the actor of Netflix’s famous web series ‘Fauda’.

‘Fauda’ (Fauda) Idan Amedee, who plays Sagi Tzur, a friend of Commander Lior Raz, has joined the Israeli army to lead his country in the ongoing war against Hamas. During this time, a latest video of Idan has surfaced on social media.

‘Fauda’ web series actor takes up arms against Hamas

A latest video of web series artist Idan Amedi has surfaced on ‘Fauda’ official X account on social media platform X. In this video, Idan is seen saying – “As you see it, this is not a scene from the Fauda web series. This is the war of real life.

Today my look and clothes look a little different. Many of our friends, loved ones and close ones have been killed in this terrible war, but this will not weaken our courage and morale. I hope that soon we will see days of peace.

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It can be clearly seen in the video that ‘Fauda’ series artist Idan Amedi is seen in Israeli army uniform. Not only this, a gun is also visible in his hand. From which it can be assumed that Idan Amedi has taken up arms against Hamas to protect his country.

Lior Raz was also caught in the war between Israel and Hamas

Just a few days ago during the war between Israel and Hamas ‘Fauda’ Big news was revealed about the main hero of the series, Lior Raz. A video of Raj had surfaced on social media, in which he was seen saving his life by hiding behind a wall.

In the video, the sound of rockets in the sky and explosions of bombings were clearly heard in the background. However, Lior Raz somehow escaped safely from this terrible scene.

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