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America announces deployment of fighter jets in the Middle East

US Air Force Central on Saturday announced the deployment of F-15E fighter jets and A-10 ground-attack jets to the Middle East region. A social media post from US Central Command said that the A-10 will join another squadron of aircraft already in the region.

More than 400 Palestinians died in one day

More than 400 Palestinians were killed in a single day in the Israeli attack. According to the report of Palestinian Wafa news agency, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed and 1,500 others have been injured in the Israeli bombardment on Gaza in the last 24 hours. This includes 260 deaths in Gaza City, 80 in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip and 40 in the northern Jabalya refugee camp. An additional 10 Palestinians were killed in the city of Beit Lahiya, while 20 were killed in the southern Khan Yunis.

China will take initiative for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas conflict

According to CCTV report, Chinese envoy Zhai Jun will visit the Middle East this coming week to push for a ceasefire and peace talks in the Israel-Hamas conflict. CCTV said in a video posted on its official social media account that Zhai would travel to the Middle East next week to coordinate with various parties for a ceasefire, protect civilians, de-escalate the situation and promote peace talks. will visit.

Hamas is shielding innocents: Joe Biden

Speaking at a gala dinner in Washington, US President Joe Biden accused the Hamas terrorist group of using Palestinian civilians to protect themselves from Israeli retaliation. He said that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the innocent Palestinian families have nothing to do with Hamas. They are using them as human shields.

IDF kills a group of terrorists

The IDF says it has killed a group of terrorists who emerged from a Hamas underground tunnel. The army also says it has struck several Hamas positions in recent hours, including the Jabalya, Zaytoun, al-Furqan and Beit Hanoun areas. He says he destroyed dozens of mortar launchers.

Americans die in Israel

A spokesperson for the US State Department has confirmed that the number of Americans killed in the war between Israel and Hamas has increased to 29. The US State Department says it will not comment further on the circumstances of the deaths of American citizens or the identities of the deceased. They also have information about 15 American citizens who have no trace.

Iran’s warning in the United Nations

Iran’s mission to the United Nations warned that if Israel continues to attack Gaza, the conflict between Israel and Hamas may increase. Iran accused Israel of war crimes and genocide. He said that its consequences could be far reaching.

Preparation to send 10 thousand soldiers to Gaza Strip

Israel plans to send 10,000 troops to capture Gaza City and destroy the Gaza Strip. The New York Times has given this information quoting Israeli military officials. The report said the offensive would be the largest since the 2006 Second Lebanon War and the IDF would attempt to capture parts of Gaza at least temporarily.

WHO condemned Israel

The World Health Organization says forcing thousands of hospital patients into already overcrowded hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip is tantamount to a death sentence. Israel has warned Palestinians to evacuate northern Gaza ahead of an expected ground offensive against Hamas. “WHO strongly condemns Israel’s repeated orders to evacuate 22 hospitals treating more than 2,000 patients in northern Gaza,” the UN health agency said in a statement.

Hamas leader meets Iran’s foreign minister

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has met Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdullahian in Qatar. Amir-Abdullahian agreed to continue cooperation with the group to achieve its goals, according to a Hamas statement quoted by Reuters news agency. During their meeting in Qatar’s capital Doha, Amir-Abdullahian praised Hamas’ attack on Israeli targets a week ago as a historic victory.

America’s second aircraft carrier

According to a statement from the Pentagon, America has announced that it is sending a second aircraft carrier to help Israel in the war against Hamas.

Reuters news agency demands from Israel

Reuters news agency is urging Israel to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the death of its video journalist Issam Abdullah in southern Lebanon. The statement from Reuters president Paul Bascobert and editor-in-chief Alessandra Galloni came after the Lebanese army accused Israel of firing a missile that killed Abdullah and injured several other journalists. On this the Israeli Army said that it is reviewing the incident.

Russia demands voting on draft proposal

Russia has asked the UN Security Council to vote on Monday (October 16) on a draft resolution on the Israel-Hamas conflict, which calls for a humanitarian ceasefire and an end to violence against civilians and civilians, Reuters news agency reports. All acts of terrorism have been condemned.

Air attack on Syria’s Aleppo airport

A suspected Israeli airstrike on Syria’s Aleppo airport has wounded five people, a monitoring group and the Syrian Defense Ministry said. According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, this is the second air attack on a Syrian airport in two days.

Journalists killed in Israel-Hamas war

The Committee to Protect Journalists said in a statement on Saturday that at least 12 journalists have been killed and eight others injured in the violence that followed Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel last week.

Casualties in the last 24 hours

According to the report of Palestinian Wafa news agency, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed and 1,500 others have been injured in the Israeli bombardment on Gaza in the last 24 hours.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke to President Biden

According to Wafa news agency, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas talked with US President Joe Biden. During this, Abbas stressed the need to provide basic material and medical supplies and to provide water, electricity and fuel to the citizens as part of immediate humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. According to Wafa news agency, Abbas clearly rejected the order to evacuate Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.


Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: These days, there is a lot of talk all over the world about the war between Israel and Hamas. It started when fighters of the extremist group Hamas entered Israel on October 7 and started a deadly attack. They entered the houses of Israeli citizens and started killing them. Even on October 7, about 5000 rocket launchers were fired at Israel in rapid succession. Only after this Israel declared war against Hamas fighters.

Immediately after declaring war, Israel handed over the responsibility of destroying the Gaza Strip along with these Hamas fighters to its army. Only after this, Israel also started air strikes on Gaza Strip indiscriminately. The result was that Palestinians suffered a lot of loss of life and property in these 8 days. According to the latest information, 1300 people died and 3400 were injured in Israel. At the same time, about 2215 Palestinians were killed in Israeli air strikes, which included 700 children. During this period, about 8714 people have also been seriously injured.

On the 7th day of the war, Israel even gave an ultimatum to the Palestinians to completely vacate the Gaza Strip, which was opposed by many countries. Even the United Nations compared this to a crime war. He said that it is wrong for Israel to order Palestinians to vacate the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Egypt, a country supporting Palestine, sent relief material for the Palestinians struggling with hunger and thirst and the World Health Organization (WHO) provided health related material to Palestine. Meanwhile, under India’s Operation Ajay, the third batch of 197 Indians has reached Delhi.

In the last 24 hours, more than 400 Palestinians have been killed and 1500 others have been injured in the Israeli bombardment on Gaza. This includes 260 deaths in Gaza City, 80 in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip and 40 in the northern Jabaliya refugee camp. While 10 Palestinians were killed in Beit Lahiya city and 20 were killed in southern Khan Yunis.

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