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Egypt refuses to open humanitarian corridor for foreigners stranded in Gaza

Israel Gaza Attack: Many foreign tourists are also stranded amid Israeli attacks in Gaza. There was talk of building a humanitarian corridor with Egypt to evacuate them, but now Egypt has refused to open the humanitarian corridor.

Several missiles were fired towards Israel’s Tel Aviv

Hamas Attack On Tel Aviv: According to Al Arabiya News, Hamas has fired several new missiles towards Tel Aviv, Israel.

After 10 hours of peace, rocket alert sirens sound again in Central Israel and West

Rocket Siren in Central Israel: Rocket alert sirens have started sounding again in many cities of Central Israel and the West Bank. There was peace in these areas for the last 10 hours. According to Times of Israel, sounds of rocket attacks can be heard in these areas. However, there has been no news of any casualty.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discusses Israel-Hamas war with French President Emmanuel Macron

Israel Hamas War Live Update: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and French President Emmanuel Macron have discussed the current situation in Gaza. According to Arab News, during the discussion, the Crown Prince stressed ways to stop ‘military operations’ that take the lives of innocent people.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Jordan’s King Abdullah II

Israel Hamas Live News: Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, Palestine (West Bank) President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Jordan’s King Abdullah II in the Jordanian city of Amman.

Zelensky said – leaders of western countries should go to Israel

Israel Hamas War Latest Update: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has recommended the leaders of Western countries to visit Israel. He said that I would like western countries to go to Israel so that the country does not feel alone.

Israel Hamas War Live: We are carrying out major attacks on Hamas terrorist targets

The Israeli army has said that it is carrying out major attacks on terrorist targets of Hamas. According to the army, Hamas has established its base in many places of Gaza Strip and the army is continuously attacking there.

Israel Hamas War Live: Iran’s President talks to Saudi Prince regarding Israel Hamas War

Saudi Arabia said in an official statement that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received a call from Iranian leader Ibrahim Raisi on Wednesday (12 October 2023), during which they discussed the current military situation in and around Gaza.

Israel Hamas War Live: US President Joe Biden said this is the biggest attack after the Holocaust

US President Joe Biden has said after Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel that this is the most tragic incident since the Holocaust committed against the Jews in World War II. 22 American citizens have died in the Hamas attack. While talking to the media, an emotional Joe Biden said, ‘He never thought that he would ever have to see such an accident with children.’

Israel Hamas War Live: Emergency government formed in Israel

Israel has formed an emergency government with the opposition. This step has been taken after the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel in which 1200 of its citizens were killed and more than a thousand people were injured.


Israel Hamas War Live: The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, while addressing the nation, said that he will kill everyone associated with Hamas. Israel continues to attack all Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. There are reports of many people being killed in these attacks. Besides, Hamas is also continuously attacking Israel through rockets.

The Indian government has set up a 24-hour control room in Delhi amid Hamas attacks. They have set up special emergency helpline numbers in Tel Aviv and Ramallah to monitor the situation and provide information and assistance to Indians. Meanwhile, the Israeli government has formed an emergency government and war cabinet in the wake of Hamas’ surprise attacks on border communities, which have killed at least 1,200 people and injured thousands more.

It is being told that at present there are 18,000 Indians in Israel and no information has been received about any kind of loss to them. The ministry said, “In view of the ongoing developments in Israel and Palestine, the Ministry of External Affairs has established a 24-hour control room to monitor the situation and provide information and assistance.” It said that apart from this, Tel Aviv. The Indian Embassy in Ramallah and India’s Representative Office in Ramallah have also set up emergency helplines, which will remain operational round the clock.

Israel’s opposition and ruling party have decided to form an emergency government in this emergency situation so that all parties can work together. PM Netanyahu said, right now our entire focus is on the war, our struggle will continue until we kill every person associated with Hamas.

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