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02:51 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Israeli citizen narrated his story

Gilly, an Israeli citizen, claims that his family members were taken hostage by Hamas terrorists. He told that my sister had come with her husband and 3 year old daughter to meet her family. He was caught from home on Sunday. They also took away my sister’s husband and her 3 year old daughter. More than 100 hostages have been inhumanely transported to Gaza, in an extension of the most inhumane massacre that took place at Kibbutz Beri. They ran away but four terrorists came after them. My sister gave her daughter to her husband so that he could save her. My sister is missing since last 5 days. We are trying hard to find her but we are not able to find her.”

02:01 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Lloyd Austin reaches Israel, Blinken meets Palestine President

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin reached Israel. Earlier, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken had also reached Israel. On Friday, Blinken met the Palestinian President.

01:09 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Israel attacks 750 military targets in Gaza

Israel claims its jets attacked 750 military targets in Gaza overnight. It also included Hamas tunnels, military compounds, residences for senior activists, and weapons storage warehouses. However, the ground invasion of Gaza poses a serious threat, as Hamas has abducted several people in the attack.

01:09 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Israeli soldiers standby on Lebanon border

Tensions also rose along the Israel-Lebanon border as Israeli troops, tanks and vehicles were deployed on Friday (October 13), the seventh day of fighting with Hamas as the war expanded to include the northern borders with Lebanon. I went. Israel has continuously traded with Lebanon’s Hezbollah group during the war.

01:09 PM, 13-Oct-2023

Gaza Strip’s hospitals in crisis: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the health system in the Gaza Strip is collapsing. A WHO release said the humanitarian disaster would not be averted if fuel and life-saving health and humanitarian supplies could not be immediately delivered to the Gaza Strip.

10:55 AM, 13-Oct-2023

Israel admitted its mistake for the first time

For the first time, Israel has admitted its mistakes regarding Hamas attacks. Israel’s military chief said the IDF was responsible for the mistake. We will take lessons from this for future. Right now our aim is to render Hamas incapable.

10:33 AM, 13-Oct-2023

Israeli casualties rise to 1,300

IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus said that our aim is to minimize harm to civilians. We are fighting an important war. We are preparing for the future and to continue our combat operations. With the understanding that there are civilians here who are not our enemies and we do not want to target them, we are asking them to leave so that we can continue to attack Hamas-related military targets in the Gaza Strip. Can. The IDF is fully committed to the international law of conflict.

He said that unfortunately the number of Israeli casualties has increased to 1,300. So far, more than 3000 including Israeli civilians and soldiers have been injured. We have never been forced to deal with this in our history.

10:30 AM, 13-Oct-2023

Union Minister said this on Operation Ajay

On Operation Ajay, Union Minister Anurag Thakur said that be it the time of Corona or the time of Ukraine-Russia war or during the Arab Spring, India has conducted operations one after the other and saved Indians. This has been happening for the last 9 and a half years. Not only our own citizens, we have also saved citizens of other countries. Today India does not ask for help, it gives help.

09:33 AM, 13-Oct-2023

Preparation to relocate 11 lakh Palestinians

The United Nations said the Israeli military has informed it that some 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza will be moved to the south of the enclave within the next 24 hours. UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said the UN considered such a movement impossible without catastrophic humanitarian consequences.

09:30 AM, 13-Oct-2023

Hamas asked people to march to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Gaza’s ruling Hamas militants on Friday asked Palestinians to protest Israel’s bombing. He called on Palestinians to march to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem and expel Israeli troops from the occupied West Bank.

09:27 AM, 13-Oct-2023

France bans pro-Palestinian protests

France’s interior minister ordered local authorities to ban all pro-Palestinian demonstrations. President Emmanuel Macron urged the French people not to let the war in the Middle East turn into domestic tensions. Earlier, Paris police had used tear gas and water cannon to disperse pro-Palestine protesters.

09:27 AM, 13-Oct-2023

White House condemns Trump for ‘smart’ Hezbollah comment

Israel and the White House on Thursday condemned former US President Donald Trump’s comments. Trump praised terrorist group Hezbollah and criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the attack by Palestinian Hamas terrorists. Trump had called Hezbollah smart and accused Netanyahu of not being prepared for the attack by Hamas.

09:20 AM, 13-Oct-2023

377 French citizens returned to Paris from Israel

A flight carrying 377 French citizens evacuated from Israel landed in Paris on Thursday night (October 12). This included many children, the elderly or people with health problems.

09:20 AM, 13-Oct-2023

WTO chief warned

World Trade Organization (WTO) chief Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said she hoped the Israel-Hamas conflict would end soon. He warned that if it became more widespread it would have a “really big impact” on global trade.

09:20 AM, 13-Oct-2023

US Defense Minister and European representatives to visit Israel

After US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, now Defense Minister Austin Lloyd and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Parliament President Roberta Metzola will visit Israel on Friday.

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