Israel Hamas War: How Indians Treated In Israel? Know From The NDTV Reporter Who Spent A Year There – How are Indians treated in Israel? In the words of an NDTV reporter who spent a year there


Israel is established in 1948 and at that time very little time had passed since India became independent. India also came under the rule of the British government and there was also the rule of Britain. The British government divided Palestine into two parts and established Israel there.

While the first Prime Minister of Israel was Devin Ben Gurion, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took charge of India as the Prime Minister. Experts believe that both were very visionary leaders and were in the initial stages of taking their country forward.

When Israel’s classified document was made public, it showed that both the leaders were in contact with each other through letters. During the 1962 war, Pandit Nehru had talked about importing military weapons from Israel. However, his condition was that the ship from which those weapons would come would not have the Israeli flag on it. So that India’s relations with Arab countries do not become sour. However, the Israeli Prime Minister had clearly said that if help is needed, the Israeli flag will be placed on it. After this Nehru had to accept his words.

Israel also helped India during the 1971 war. India had sought help from the then Prime Minister Golda Meir and provided arms to India.

Relations between Israel and India have seen warmth in the last few years. Especially after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. PM Modi visited Israel in 2017. Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of India to visit Israel. Since then, relations between the two countries have improved further and many MoUs have been signed between the two countries. This has also affected common Indians visiting Israel and people meet Indians warmly.

Unheard of unpleasant incident with Indians in Israel

According to Ghazali, all types of fruits and vegetables are grown and available in Israel. Therefore Indians do not have any problem in food and shelter. He also said that no untoward incident has ever been heard of with Indians in Israel. Many Jews from India have migrated to Israel.

India provides billions of dollars in aid to Palestine

He said that India’s stand regarding Palestine is very clear. India believes that there should be no violence and peace talks should continue between the two countries. Besides, India also keeps providing help to Palestine through the United Nations. According to statistics, after 2018, India has given several billion dollars to help Palestine. India provides financial assistance to many universities in Palestine areas, so that scholarships can be given to children and many Palestinian students also come to study in India.

Indians are in danger neither in Israel nor in Palestine

He said that when many Indian students go on a trip to Israel, the general instruction is that Indians are neither in danger in Israel nor in Palestine. In such a situation, Indians are neither worried about food nor about living. There is no way that Indians are in any danger in both the countries. Although there is an atmosphere of war, the danger which is for everyone is also for Indians. Many people also visit religious places there.

There is no discrimination against the people of India there nor will Indians feel any threat there.

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