Israel-Hamas War: ‘Can create another army with Indians…’, Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon claims – calls coming for support


New Delhi: Israel-Hamas War continues since October 7. Meanwhile, Israeli Ambassador to India Naor Gillon on Friday thanked the Indian people for the support given to Israel. Speaking to news agency ANI, Gillon said, ‘We will never forget the level of support we are getting from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Everyone is telling me that I want to go and fight for Israel. This strong support is unprecedented for me. The closeness between India and Israel is something that I cannot express in words. On the support Israel is getting from Indians, Ambassador Naor Gillon said that he can raise another IDF (Israeli Defense Force) with Indian volunteers.

He also told that he has received calls from many ministers, officials and businessmen to support Israel. Gillon said, ‘Look at the social media handles of the Israeli Embassy. This is amazing support. Another Israeli defense force can be formed with Indians. The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched a series of rocket attacks in Israel’s border areas on the morning of October 7. Around 7000 rockets were fired by Hamas. Also, Hamas fighters broke the security fence on the Gaza border and infiltrated into Israeli territory. They carried out deadly attacks on innocent civilians with guns and sharp weapons. According to Israel, more than 1300 of its citizens have been killed in the attack by Hamas terrorists.

War continues between Israel and Hamas for the last 7 days
After the attack on itself, Israel started retaliating. The Israeli Air Force has been bombing the Gaza Strip for 7 consecutive days. Israel has claimed that it has killed 1500 Hamas terrorists who entered its home. At the same time, more than 2000 people have been killed in Israeli air strikes in Gaza. Amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on phone to Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu on October 10. PM Modi said that India ‘condemns all forms of terrorism’. He said in one of his posts on X, ‘The people of India stand firmly with Israel in this difficult time.’

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Israel also got support from Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden also extended his support to Israel in response to the ‘terrorist attacks’ of Hamas. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel yesterday and met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed his support in the war against Hamas. Netanyahu has said that Israel will destroy Hamas. He had said that we will turn all the bases of Hamas in Gaza Strip into rubble. Israeli army has entered Gaza and started a strategic operation. Meanwhile, American Special Forces personnel have also landed in Israel, who will conduct a special operation to free its citizens from the occupation of Hamas.


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