Israel Hamas Palestine War Script Set By US And China Decisions | US wanted to recognize Israel against Iran-Saudi deal, angered Hamas


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Our attack is a warning to Arab countries who are trying to develop friendship with Israel.

Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad said this after the October 7 attack on Israel. He was referring to Saudi. Recently, some media reports claimed that Saudi may also recognize Israel as a country. This agreement between Saudi and Israel was to be mediated by America.

Before this fact happened, Hamas attacked Israel by firing 5 thousand rockets. This operation was named Al-Aqsa Flood. Of course, the attack was carried out on October 7, but its script was written 8 months ago when the gap between Iran and Saudi had narrowed due to Chinese interference.

Today we will learn how the war between Hamas and Israel relates to the competition between China and America for dominance in the Middle East.
7 years later, with China’s efforts, an agreement was reached between Saudi and Iran. Date 10 February 2023, Time – Around 8 pm. Iran released a statement saying that an agreement had been signed between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Beijing. Both countries will open diplomatic missions in each other’s places. This was shocking news to the world. The reason was that the two countries have had bitter enmity for 7 years.

According to Saudi newspaper ‘The National’, the talks started in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Then several rounds of negotiations took place in Beijing, the capital of China. This sequence continued for about 3 years. Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Chief Ali Ramkahani met with Saudi NSA Moise bin Mohammed Al Ban in China.

After the meeting of both, it was decided that the Iran-Saudi agreement will be signed in Beijing, the capital of China. After the accord between Iran and Saudi Arabia, China continued to convey the message that America had done what it had failed to do in the Middle East.

The picture is from the month of March. It features Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the center, Iran’s Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani on the right, and Saudi Minister of State Mussad al-Aban on the left.

What will China benefit from this deal?
A report by the US Institute of Peace said that the Iran-Saudi deal is considered the biggest development in the region. Foreign Policy magazine published an expert opinion in January. It was said that China had quickly taken over the space vacated by America in the Middle East.

The same thing happened in Africa. When the US became stingy in helping poor countries, China began to spread a debt trap there. Xi Jinping succeeded in building a military base in Djibouti. When Xi Jinping visited Iran in February, America had no idea what direction China was heading.

The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran was considered a major diplomatic breakthrough for Beijing, as China itself seeks to emerge as a major power to undercut America’s strategic influence in the Middle East.

Apart from this deal, China is also continuously trying to improve relations with Saudi Arabia. The two countries signed an agreement to build a $10 billion mega refining complex in north-eastern Liaoning province. Apart from this, China also tried its best to increase partnership with Saudi in the field of tourism and trade.

After China brokered a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the US began to fear that its influence in the Middle East might be waning. To counter this, America chose the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

In the picture, US President Biden is seen with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

US initiative- Saudi Arabia should recognize Israel
The US also devised a plan to counter China’s growing influence in the Middle East. Saudi and Israel were kept in focus. According to the New York Times, the plan was to increase the rapprochement between Saudi and Israel. So that the agreement between Iran and Saudi does not become so strong that it begins to harm US policy in the Middle East.

This was followed by a long conversation between US National Security Adviser (NSA) Jack Sullivan and Mossad Chief Devin Barnia in Washington. The conversation only discussed how and how soon diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel could be established.

On July 27, The Washington Post reported that American NSA Jack Sullivan had suddenly arrived in Saudi Arabia. He has met Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) in the capital Riyadh. There were four rounds of talks between the two. All the top Saudi officials were also present in this meeting.

According to the American news website Axios, the sole agenda of the meeting was to include Saudi Arabia in the Abraham Accords. Under this agreement, four Gulf countries including UAE and Bahrain recognized Israel and now these countries are also getting the best technology and weapons from Israel. Trade relations between Israel and these countries have also become very strong.

Later the White House said in a statement – We want Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel. All possible efforts are being made for this. President Biden has also said the same thing. Israel is now essential to Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is essential to Israel. In August, several media reports began reporting that the US was trying to reach an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Hamas attacked and blamed Iran
Hamas attacked before the US made a deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Wall Street Journal claimed in its report that Iran had been planning the attack with Hamas since August. The special thing is that this is the same time when America took the initiative to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi.

This clearly shows that the agreements made by Hamas, the US and China to increase their influence in the Middle East laid the foundation for the Hamas-Israel war.

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