Indian Cricket Team Wear Orange Jersey Against Pakistan Match Of ODI World Cup 2023 Or Not, Know The Truth ; Ashish Shelar explains whether India will wear saffron jersey against Pakistan…


Ahmedabad: The match between India and Pakistan has come up in a few hours. But there is a strong discussion that the Indian team will wear saffron jersey in this match against Pakistan. BCCI Treasurer Ashish Shelar has clarified whether the Indian team will actually wear this saffron jersey and enter the field to play against Pakistan.

IND vs PAK ODI World Cup 2023

India’s baggage is with Pakistan. The Pakistan team always wears a green jersey. Therefore, it was said in some media reports that the Indian team will enter the field wearing the saffron color jersey which is the color of the tricolor and will surprise everyone. The Indian team once entered the field wearing saffron jerseys. Therefore, many people have also said that when the World Cup is being held in India, the Indian team can enter the field by changing the color of its jersey. But now BJP leader and BCCI treasurer Ashish Shelar has shed light on whether this is really going to be possible.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the first look of the Indian team for this year’s World Cup. Because when the Indian team went to Chennai for the first match, the Indian team wore the saffron jersey. But this jersey was said to be for practice only. But earlier when Mahendra Singh Dhoni was in the team, the Indian team wore the saffron jersey. It is being said that the Indian team will wear this jersey again against Pakistan. Ashish Shelar said that “Some people are saying that the Indian team will wear saffron jersey in the match against Pakistan. But these media reports have no meaning, they are baseless. The Indian team will not wear the saffron jersey while playing against Pakistan. Let alone Pakistan’s stuff, the World The Indian team will be seen in the blue jersey in every match of the cup.”

This will happen for the first time in the Cricket World Cup!

BCCI Treasurer Ashish Shaylar has given a clear opinion that the Indian team will no longer wear the saffron jersey when playing against Pakistan. At the same time, he has also made one thing clear and that is that the Indian team will wear blue jerseys in every match of the World Cup. Therefore, it is certain that the jersey of the Indian team will not change in any match of this World Cup.

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