India vs Pakistan match astrologer prediction, Rohit Sharma is having good days, India will win


Satchidanand/Patna: Everyone was eagerly waiting for the match to be played between India and Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. And today this match will be played today (October 14) at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The madness of the match between India and Pakistan is so much that it is not possible to express it in words. Both teams have played two matches each in this World Cup so far and have defeated their opponents. Due to this, the teams of India and Pakistan are full of enthusiasm. At the same time, people’s excitement for the match between these two teams will be at its peak not only in the stadium but also in their home TV sets. Planets also have an impact on Team India’s performance in the World Cup and it seems to be favorable for Team India.

Patna famous astrologer Dr. Shripati Tripathi said that Rohit Sharma’s horoscope is similar to that of Lord Shri Ram and some great leaders. He is having a good time now. Performance in sports is also likely to be good. Ishan Kishan’s horoscope is currently not giving good signs. Let us tell you that Sripathi Tripathi is the same astrologer who predicted Dhoni in the 2011 World Cup and it proved true. The World Cup came to India under Dhoni’s captaincy.

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Captain Rohit’s Kundli like Lord Shri Ram

Astrology Dr. Shripati Tripathi said that Indian team captain Rohit Sharma’s horoscope is Cancer. Lord Rama was also born in this lineage. The direction of their planets is very beautiful. His performance is also very good. Rohit Sharma is going through the best phase of his life. The planets in the tenth house in his horoscope are Sun, Moon and Mercury. Due to these three planets their career is good and there is a possibility of good future. He also said that the planets will have an effect on the match between India and Pakistan along with the World Cup. Team India will perform better in this match and there is a strong possibility that the result of the match will go in favor of India.

Dr. Shripati Tripathi said that Ishan Kishan’s horoscope is Pisces and his zodiac sign is also Pisces. In his horoscope, Saturn is in Sade Sati, that’s why his performance has ups and downs. Devguru is placed in Janam Kundli. Due to which Gajakeshari Yoga was created. His kundli is also good, but due to the directions the game is going to be affected. This is the reason why the performance was not good in the first match of the world cup, but currently the good thing in Ishan’s kundli is that Rahu is in 6th house and in this position Rahu gives better results. Gives confidence of physical courage, bravery and victory over opponents.

However, according to astrologer Dr. Sripati Tripathi, after calculating the horoscope and horoscope of both, it is concluded that both will perform well in the match between India and Pakistan and the result will be in favor of India.

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