India vs Australia: ‘Gold Medal’ for Virat Kohli


Chennai; News Agency: Team India defeated Australia by 6 wickets in the first match of ODI World Cup 2023. Man of the match award in this match. L. Although Rahul got it, ‘BCCI’ pleased Virat Kohli with the gold medal. He got this gold medal as the best fielder of the match.

Many players including Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan fielded brilliantly in the India-Australia match. Among the three, according to the fielding coaches, Kohli’s performance was commendable. In such a situation he handed over this shiny new blank medal to Virat. As soon as Kohli received the medal, he eagerly rushed forward to collect it. After this, Virat celebrated by raising his hands and then posed like a champion holding the medal in his teeth. The fielding coach presented the award to Kohli on behalf of ‘BCCI’ by presenting a special gold medal.

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