In the loss of the shop, a plot was hatched with the help of friends to get insurance money, caught in the police net.


Swapnil Erandolikar, Sangli : Due to his own shop running at a loss, the two were arrested for brawling with a shop owner who faked a theft in his own shop to get insurance money with the help of friends. The local crime investigation team near the White House on 100 feet road today Saturday. Action was taken on 14th afternoon. In this case, the shop owner Akash Prakash Suryavanshi (age 26, resident of Inamdhamani) and Akshay Sanjay Bogare (age 29, resident of Vijayanagar) have been arrested. Items worth Rs 72,676 have been seized from them.

More information about this is that the suspect Akash Suryavanshi owns a sports equipment shop called Shoes in Box in Deval Complex near Ganapati Temple in Vishram Bagh area. Wednesday On 05th October around dawn, unknown thieves broke into the shop and stole sports shoes worth Rs.

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A team of the local crime investigation department today Saturday. An all-out operation was being conducted in the city on October 14. At this time, Assistant Inspector Sikander Vardhan, Pankaj Pawar, Head Constable Dariba Bandgar, Vikram Khot of the team saw two suspects on a motorcycle carrying white bags near the White House on 100 feet road. Suspicious of them, after thorough investigation, sports shoes were found in the bag. On thorough inquiry about these shoes, he said that the suspect and his friends Sham Alouki, Vijay Khutale (both of Kalamba Dist. Karveer) had stolen from the shop.

His friend Akash Suryavanshi, the shop owner, said that the theft was done to get money from the insurance company as the shop was running at a loss. When Suryavanshi was interrogated at this time, he also confessed to the same. This time, sports shoes worth Rs 22,676 and a motorcycle worth Rs 72,000 were seized from him. The said action was taken by Assistant Inspector Sikandar Vardhan, Pankaj Pawar, Sub Inspector Kumar Patil, Head Constable Dariba Bandgar, Vikram Khot, Biroba Narle, Amar Narle under the guidance of Police Inspector Satish Shinde.

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