In Manubhai Asnani’s Shraddha Paksha, Shraddha is performed for persons who have died in accidents as well as for the disinherited.


Banaskantha: According to Indian culture, after the death of their fathers, people perform Shraddha after their fathers in Shraddha Paksha and perform the task of burying their younger daughters. According to Hindu belief, performing Shraddha brings salvation to ancestors. However, there are many disinherited people who have no one to worship. A brother named Manubhai Asnani living in Disa is doing a unique work for such disinherited people.

Unique work of Manubhai Asnani

Manubhai Asnani of Disa has been cremating the dead bodies of people who died in accidents and found in disinherited condition for the past several years and also performed their Shraddha in Shraddha Paksha. By doing this work at self-expense and selfless price, they are smelling the fragrance of humanity.


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More than 3,000 school-aged girls are enrolled

Those who have no guardian heirs, persons who die in accidents and disinherited persons perform Pooja, Archana and Havan on the day of Amavas in Shraddha Paksha and perform Shraddha behind them. Apart from this, they are doing a unique service by marrying more than 3 thousand school girls.

The entire district is applauding this service

Manubhai Sevakram Asna, a resident of Disa, Banaskantha, is 55 years old and is involved in the ice business. Since Manubhai was 11 years old, he has been doing unique service to people, animals and birds. People of entire Banaskantha district are applauding his service.

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