In France, a student killed a teacher by saying ‘Allah Hu Akbar’, three injured in the attack


AP, Paris. A 20-year-old youth stabbed French teacher Dominique Bernard to death in a school in France on Friday. Three people were injured in the attack. Police officer Sleiman Hamji, who was the first to reach the spot, said that the accused was a former student of the school.

Slogans of Allah Hu Akbar

It was reported that he was shouting slogans of Allah Hu Akbar during the attack. French President Emmanuel Macron has called it an attack of Islamic terrorism. Police were said to have foiled an attack attempt in another French region.

The official said that in view of the conflict between Hamas and Israel, it is being investigated as a terrorist incident. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the security alert had been raised to the highest level. He said that this matter is related to the developments in West Asia.

Authorities say the attack happened at Gambetta High School in the city of Arras, about 185 kilometers north of Paris. The murderer and his brother have been arrested. The police had controlled the murderer with the help of a stun gun. The officer said that the youth caught is a Russian citizen.

He is from Chechnya. French intelligence services said the accused was kept under close surveillance and was recently detained for a police investigation, but was released after nothing wrong was found during that time.

The government has ordered increased vigilance in all schools across the country. Following the attack, hundreds of heavily armed police personnel were deployed in the school and surrounding areas. Parents said students remained confined to the school for more than three hours after the attack.

saved myself by locking myself in the room

Philosophy teacher Martin Doussat said that everyone is in shock after the incident. The murderer had also chased them, but they had locked themselves in the room. It is also coming to light that the deceased teacher had come forward to rescue others and was inquiring about the history teacher accused of murder. His radicalism was revealed to the teachers a few years ago.

The murder of a teacher had happened three years ago also. This incident happened almost three years after the murder of teacher Samuel Patty. He was murdered on 16 October 2020. An 18-year-old man was beheaded by a radical from Chechnya near a school in the Paris region. That day was also Friday.

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