Iggy Azalea had to cut short her concert in Saudi Arabia after her pants exploded on stage


Iggy Azalea had to cut short her concert in Saudi Arabia after her pants exploded on stage. Image source: IANS News

Los Angeles, August 27: Famous Australian rapper Iggy Azalea said she had to cancel her concert in Saudi Arabia due to a wardrobe malfunction when her pants ripped open on stage.

According to Aceshowbiz, the 33-year-old “Problems” rapper was supposed to headline the e-sports and gaming event “Gamers8” at Riyadh Boulevard, though the concert was cut short due to the incident.

After this incident, she took to X (formerly Twitter) on the evening of August 26 and explained why she had to cut the party short.

“Saudi Arabia, please know everyone at the show tonight… I love you,” the “Action” artist wrote.

“And I’m so sorry I wasn’t allowed to complete my show. It’s not the promoter who made the show’s mistake, so show them kindness because they’re great people and we all wanted to carry on but the authorities wouldn’t let us because my pants were ripping.”

“Ladies make some noise, it’s a woman’s world!” she added when she exclaimed during the party. She “looks like she sent the authorities too far” – and signed “lol”. Iggy also concluded, “I’m cool, I just didn’t want the fans to be sad or angry with the organizers of the show because it wasn’t under their control or mine (sic)”.

The rapper posted a slideshow of herself on her Instagram, captioning, “Saudi Arabia…Wasssssss…probably the worst possible place to split my pants and unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to finish the show.”

“But the bright side. The promoters were amazingly nice to me and the people who showed up were the most supportive of all. I love you guys, that wasn’t what I meant for the show but it’s a memory I’ll keep forever and it finally showed me how I could People are so kind, loving and supportive while you’re going through such an embarrassing moment.”

It’s not clear if Azalea plans to reschedule her show.

Source: IANS

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