Heart attack can also occur due to lack of sleep, so many hours of sleep are necessary to keep the heart healthy.


  • The number of persons dying from heart attack increased
  • Sleep is as necessary for the body as food
  • If sleep is not completed, it can also cause a heart attack

A lot of people around the world are dying of heart attack. The number of heart patients in India is very high. However, according to the current lifestyle, this disease spreads not only among the elderly but also among the youth. It often happens that a person is fit or fit and healthy but in reality it is not. In recent times there have been news about many celebrities who have died due to heart attack.

The number of people dying from heart attacks is increasing dramatically among young and middle-aged people. Bad lifestyle and eating habits including lack of sleep is also a responsible reason behind heart attack. Staying up late at night also takes a toll on your heart. Yes indeed, if you don’t get enough sleep it can also be a cause of heart attack. So today let us tell you how many hours of sleep a person should get every day to stay healthy and how less sleep can lead to heart related problems.

How many hours of sleep is required in a day?
Let it be known that sleep is as necessary for a person’s body as food is. But many people forget this and don’t take enough sleep at night and because of that they fall in the trap of many diseases. Let us tell you that people who sleep less than 6 hours every night become victims of problems like obesity, high BP and diabetes. It is essential that you get at least seven to more than 10 hours of sleep every night. 7-8 hours of sleep every day is very important to stay healthy.

Lack of sleep can lead to heart attack
An extensive report on the website of the American Heart Association mentions that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day are at risk of heart attack. Also can become a victim of many diseases. Sleep affects the entire body. It is necessary to get enough sleep every night to get rid of the tiredness of the whole day. A study revealed that people who do not get 7-8 hours of sleep every night have the highest number of heart attacks compared to people who do. If you are in the habit of sleeping less and you are not sleeping well every day, then you can change this habit from today and avoid the risk of heart attack to a great extent.

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