Health Insurance: Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Health Insurance


Health Insurance: The main reason for buying a health insurance policy is to protect yourself from rising bills due to inflation. However, even after having a cashless health card and availing the services of a network hospital, some expenses related to medical bills have to be borne by the policyholder. Not only this, many times the entire bill has to be paid after taking health insurance. What should they keep in mind in such a situation?

Keep these things in mind

This often happens when claims made for medical expenses are not part of health insurance coverage. This can also happen when the insurance company deems the medical expenses incurred for the necessary treatment of the insured to be unnecessary. This is written in the companies policy when you buy it. Insurance companies settle claims only for those expenses which are mentioned under the coverage in the policy document shared with the policy holder at the time of purchase of the policy.

Most health insurance policies do not usually cover the cost of most of the necessities used to treat illnesses in a hospital. In such a situation this amount has to be paid by the policy holder. So while buying the policy you should definitely read about the claim benefits available in it. If you do not understand about insurance, consult an expert. If you can’t find a specialist, be sure to ask him about coverage for those diseases. Many times a person becomes a victim of illness from the people around him. While taking insurance, if you already have any disease, get detailed information about it.

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